Figure Spotlight: HORDE BAT

 This is the first of two pictures that I totally forgot I had on my Facebook! I made this figure back in 2014 (eventually returned him to Batros).
Horde Bat was made using Batros, his mace, Strong-Or's ray gun, and the Unnamed One's alternate head!

My made up bio:

Horde Bat's are the Horde's specialized air troops that they send in when they decided to invade colonies in the air such as the Avion city on Eternia! Batros is the last of his kind and decided to stay on Eternia and become a mercenary after the Horde left for Etheria once Hordak was betrayed by Skeletor and stole Adora! Batros would later hatch a plot to steal the books of Eternia and face off against his former team mate Skeletor as well as He-Man!