Rise of the TMNT Designs!

I wanted to post this Friday but I just haven't been feeling to well so you guys get a weekend post lol. Depending on how I feel, you might not get a Monday post either.
 So this happened Thursday. Yep we FINALLY have seen the designs of the 4 turtles, April, and master Splinter and um what can I say? lol! Lets just get to the pictures and I'll say my thoughts and then at the end I'll do my overall feelings for them and the show's prospect! I will say that I am going by the images and what I have heard as I have not had a chance to watch the livestream as of yet (it was on the first and I had to go out to do shopping during it).
 Ok well I actually am pretty much ok with this one. As we can see they decided to make her African American this time around and as Pixel Dan pointed out in his reaction video, April was occasionally drawn as African American in the original Mirage comic book series! As you can see, she is still younger than what most of know her as. She also seems to still be able to do "super-power" like things like in the Nick show judging by the bat construct.
  Donatello is supposedly a soft-shell turtle and that has made him create new robotic shells. He is also not as nerdy as he has been, but more of a sci-fi/ etc geek.
 Leonardo is NO LONGER the leader, I don't know how I feel about that. He is obviously a "Slider" due to those red marks.
 Mikey definitely looks like he's still a party dude! I don't know how I feel about his weapon that sort of looks like a cross between a nunchuck and a throwing star. Good thing is he is said to be a pizza connoisseur and will be once again saying COWABUNGA!
 Okay Raphael has a new weapon and I forget what its called (Yeah no more sais)! He is much bigger than the others as you ca see below. He is also the new leader, something else I am very unsure about and think was a mistake.
 The group all together!
 Lastly is this monstrosity! Yeah this is supposed to be Splinter and is by far the ugliest looking thing that I have ever seen! I absolutely hate it!

 So how do I feel? Honestly I am being optimistic, I already have warmed up to the designs much more than I was feeling on Thursday when I originally had seen them in a leak that morning. As many of you may know as I have been very open on the TOY DISORDERLY forums in the past, I absolutely HATED the Nick Turtles designs. So much so that I refused to even watch it. After a few years, I finally gave in and watched it and after seeing it in action and seeing how good it really was, I warmed up to the looks so this time I won't be making a decision until AFTER I see the show. It obviously has a "Teen Titans GO!" feel (I dislike that show) and hope that its nothing like that. Pixel Dan pointed out that it reminded him of "Samurai Jack", which is pretty decent. One thing I should point out is that we warned that Rise was going to be catered to much younger kids than Nick Turtles was. We will just have to wait and see. One thing I do want to point out is that the turtles are no longer biological brothers and people are saying then they cannot be brothers. Say what? Being formerly homeless I have to say that is nonsense! You can be so close as friends that you feel they are brothers (or sisters) I think of Cassie not as a friend but as a sister! So yeah they can still be brothers, I mean they always called Splinter their father (oh and I am adopted but think of my sister and parents as my sister and parents)! Playmates hopefully will unveil the toys at ToyFair in 2 weeks and then we'll see how they translate in plastic and maybe even see some foes! I am looking forward to John Cena being a heel (foe) in the show as Baron Draxum!


  1. Interesting designs. Will have to check it out.

  2. I hate it, utterly despise everything about it.I hope it fails and doesn't make it one season. You cant just go messing around with a long and well known history .Its deplorable and I will have zero part in it.Teen Titans go is the worst thing on tv right now and has single handedly ruined cartoon network (they show almost nothing but teen titans these days) and I dont like that everything has shifted to that ugly art style. I am very very disappointed in this.I was really hoping they would aim it ate the teenage market like the Last Airbender was with a little less humor and maybe a little older version of the turtles but no we get this train wreck.May long lasting and painful diarrhea strike all who had a hand in making this atrocity.

    1. I agree to an extent. I however will give it a chance. CN wise I agree 100%! They literally have like 5 shows airing these days and that is ridiculous! I miss the old CN so much!


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