Guess what, I decided to release another post this week and it discusses some of the Transformers news revealed at and before toyfair!
Seems that most collectors hate the look of these, I on the other hand like them. These are the figures based on the upcoming cartoon Cyberverse! You will notice that they have returned to a more Generation One look. These are from the Transformers Facebook page!
 These $8 figures are probably the worst pieces of crap that i have ever seen! They don't even fully transform. However I am sure kids will love them!
 Warrior Class are going to be around the $15 price point and probably about the size of a deluxe Generations figure. These look pretty good for the most part. I like the fusion of the modern Bumblebee look with the classic look.
 Shockwave I might get, I really like how he looks and that crab mode looks awesome!
 Prime is meh. I just don't like him. I love the look don't get me wrong, but the figure just looks bad!
 Satarscream is another I might get and he looks pretty decent.
 Ultra Class is $20 or 25 I can't remember. You can see that this Bee looks better.
 Grimlock also looks good.
 Starscream however looks bad. I mean whats up with those engines?
 Megatron and the next Prime are $30 and are the ultimate class! Megatron looks pretty cool imo.
 Also this Prime looks much better than the $15 on.

  I really love the Prime Masters. I mean sure the robot being a spark of a previous Prime is a little corny BUT the shells are Pretenders! What a great way to bring them back. So far I only have Skullgrin (but thats cause I am more into beasts/monsters) but plan to buy some in wave 2 and wave 3 (which are these figures!)
 Octopunch is probably the most meh of the 3 and that is saying something as I plan to get him, I mean an aquatic transformer? Yes please! Bomb-burst is even cooler though I mean a giant vampire like bat monster? Cool! Bludgeon is the one I have been most excited about as I have wanted a G! version for years!
  The Legends class I sadly have no comments as i am not interested in them whatsoever.
  The Deluxes are a different story as these are fembots and we could always use more of those!
  I will probably only get Moonracer as they are Exactly the same look and can't afford them both at $20 a piece!
  Elita-1 is a really cool retool of Starscream and is $25ish. Probably won't get her due to the price but I really like her.
  This $45ish figure is a fan vote winner and is from Beast Wars! I already have a version of this Primal and although old school Primal (monkey) is also in it, he transforms not into a monkey but a surfboard. I'd rather get the old version.
 Last up is Predaking. I will never get this as it is $150! However I will say that  it looks pretty cool and hope that the titan master that it comes with is available separately as well like rumored.

 I wish they would bring back Beast Wars but that is not in the cards. In fact the current people in charge have admitted that they aren't fans of the beast era :( The next three year's trilogy has been announced as well and will be "WAR OF CYBERTRON!" It is not related to the old video game of the same name though but might be interesting, we will have to see!

 That's it for Transformers but I might do more Toyfair news but I don't know. I am way behind schedule and only am releasing this post as I not only said I would last week BUT I had already started it.


  1. Just recently picked up my first two G1 Transformers. It's a big move for me as I never owned the toys as a kid.


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