Ads From The Past - Volume Number Two!

 I remember this game. Believe it or not it was one f my all time favorite games (and still is) on the NES! It was basic but still enjoyable. The ad is just as awesome imo. I mean Cobra Commander sneaking around looking for GIJoE?
 An idea from Mattel that was ahead of its time. The vehicles could interact with the video and supposedly a part of the series. I never watched it as a kid but had a couple of the toys and thought they were pretty great. As an adult collector I really want Captain Power (and a few others) in my collection again one day!
 A DC Comics line from Remco! These were meh (IMO) war soldiers in the 3 3/4 scale. I might eventually hunt down Rock himself to throw in my DC area but even though I love vintage toys more than most modern toys this line is an exception. Probably due to the fact that GIJOE was much better and I have no connection to these. Also I  know Sgt Rock exists in DC but it so feels like a rip-off Nick fury and his Howling Commandos. What can I say? I prefer Marvel Comics!
 The last toyline in the ads this week! Another DC Comics line from Remco! Don't let the name fool you, these characters are from all over the DC Universe and not Warlord! In fact I think Deimos is the ONLY one that actually is from the Warlord comic (other than Warlord himself!) I never had these but want them so badly not for my DC area but my Vintage (ish) MOTU area as these are done in the MOTU vintage style!
 Ok this one I shared before BUT it was unedited, etc so I decided to toss it in for today as well. Plus I did no commentary on it then either! So these are 7-up fruit snacks, I don't think I ever had these but have had cola fruit snacks and hope these were better (if not that could be why they no longer exist!) as those tasted like flat soda, YUCK!

 Thats it for now, I have one more "Ads From The Past" Coming soon (probably next week, hence saying this week in the warlord entry!) and then this series will be retired and I will be returning to the "It Came From...." series for any future ones (Which I don't have any planned for right now)!


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