# 300: Imaginext Power Rangers!

 Sorry this post is so late but I had a rough weekend and just now am feeling up to posting again, I hope to be on mt Mon, Wed, Fri schedule again next week.
 As most of you know by now, I love Imaginext and I love their Power Rangers line even more! For my 3ooth post, I wanted to showcase my Imaginext Power Rangers collection!

  The thing that brought me to this line was that it was affordable figures from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!" Which is my favorite of the series. It also helped that I was already collecting various figures from Imaginext lines. What is funny is that minus the bigger sets and variants, I have pretty much been all in on this series (I only haven't got the Rita/Finster and Squat/Baboo packs yet) and except for those 3 mentioned, A putty repaint (Zedd) from a spin-off line, and Alpha that came with the Command Center I have every unique figure in this scale! Thats saying something for me!
  Let's start with my most recent addition, the Pirhantishead/ Thunder Megazord two-Pack.  This is brand new for 2018 and is from my favorite episode of all time, the 3 part "Mutiny". Part 1 of it aired on my birthday (July 21) and has ever since been near and dear to my heart.

 Sadly I forgot to take an individual picture of the Thunder Megazord but you can see in the above picture that he is pretty cool looking. I am glad that they have started to make figure sized Megazords in this line!
 Pirhantishead (The Mutiny 1-3 and returns n A Rel Fish Story)
 Black Ranger (All 3 Seasons)
 Blue Ranger (All 3 Seasons)
 Pink Ranger (All 3 Seasons)
 Red Ranger (All 3 Seasons)
 Yellow Ranger (All 3 Seasons)
 Green Ranger (All 3 Seasons)
 Putty Patrol (First Season)
 Rita Repulsa (All 3 Seasons)
 Goldar (All 3 Seasons)
 King Sphinx (A Pressing Engagement)
 Scorpina (Season One, returned once in Season Two)
 Lord Zedd (Season 2 on)
 White Ranger (Season 2 on)
 Tigerzord (Season Two)
 The Tigerzord is currently the only "big" zord that I own That is because he came with the White Ranger and was the only way (and I believe still is) To get the White Ranger! I really love this figure however that missle firing cannon is annoying and looks so out of place on him but I realize that this line is for toddlers and they had to give it a "Fun" action feature so I am able to ignore it, mostly by putting that side to the back like in these pics.
  What I Find is hilarious is that the tiny Thunder Megazord is the only one available in this line and
  think its hilarious to put him on the Tigerzord (In the series the tigerzord was smaller in tiger mode.)
 One set I am on the look out for is this one! Not only is that Megazord the size of a figure (like my Thunder Megazord) but that is Titanus! He is one of, if not, my favorite zords in the whole Power Ranger franchise! That and its supposedly under 20 bucks!

 Sadly the future of this line is in question with Hasbro getting the Power Rangers Master toy license. I say this because unlike Bandai, Hasbro has a kids line (Playskool and has an Imaginext like line (Playskool Heroes). That and Imaginext is owned by their direct competitor Mattel. I hope this isn't the end but sadly it just might be, we will have to wait and see!