# 299: NEWS - 2018 is changing the rules?

 So what do I mean by that? Well simply due to some brand new news this week! So much is being turned upside down! Plus this is before Toy Fair even starts tomorrow! Welcome to the first of my news posts (there definitely will be one next week to due to Toy Fair!). I decided to start doing these finally because you guys not only seem to enjoy them, but I love doing them!
 First up is a shocker (well both of these first two are shockers), NECA toys (who also own Kidrobot and Wizkids) now own both Chia Pet and the Clapper! They have signed a deal to get Joseph Pedott's companies! You can read more about it here! I wonder why they would want the clapper lol but I guess Chia Pet does make sense as it is popular to this day.
 Next up is the news that as of April 2019, Bandai America (who have been the holder of the master license since the beginning 25 years ago) will no longer be the holder of the Power Rangers master license! This is huge news and I would link to a webpage but its everywhere!
 Unlike Chia Pet, I will be putting in my opinions as I do collect the occasional Power Rangers toy! I don't really purchase Bandai anymore as I just feel the toys worth my time are to much or they look like crap. I think it is time for a change and this might be a good thing BUT it could be a bad thing as well. The rumor is that Hasbro has the license now. They recently lost the Jurassic Park license due to their own laziness and crappy figures. I was disappointed in the Jurassic World figures as their were no humans in the 3 3/4 scale and the figures that were made were not even based on the actors except one made after the movie came out of Chris Pratt. I also hear how others are upset with Hasbro with other lines. So only time will tell. I just hope Imaginext (Mattel's) Power Rangers line will continue. (On a side note Ironically I planned for post 300, and still do, to be the Imaginext Power Rangers figures and decided that weeks ago.)
 UPDATE: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro does indeed have the master license!

This weekend look for post #300 and a Transformers news post (that was going to be a part of this one) and probably toy fair (depends on what i find online)! I hope to get on my regular schedule again in a couple weeks lol.


  1. NECA and Chia? An odd combination but my office just had a Chia growing contest so it is likely still a moneymaker. Not a Power Rangers fan, but I don't expect Hasbro to make the line better. We shall see. Looking forward to post 300. Congrats!

    1. Thank you an d I agree on both points. Neca getting chia is odd and I doubt that Hasbro will be any better than Bandai, but I have high hopes.


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