# 298: Ads from the Past - Volume Number One!

I decided to bring back my old ads segment but changed the name to "Ads from the Past!" Also I have been sick lately so that is why the posts have been halted until now and will probably stay sporadic for a week or two more until I can get back to normal!

Let's start shall we?
  What can I say? Honestly this ad is just so boring but then again that makes sense as the movie sucked! I wish I could say this was rare in that era but just about every video game movie from then was bad. Mario, Double Dragon, Street Fighter (but I love the toys from both the video game and movie from Hasbro), augh! Now I do enjoy these films on occassion but they were pretty bad. From what I hear the people in charge of the film never saw the games. Thats why Yoshi is a regular dinosaur, the goombas are people with tiny reptile heads, and Koopa looks well just weird! I will say this I do plan to get some of the figures from this film someday but honestly this movie upsets me lol.
 These were by far my all time favorite cards as a kid and really want to get some for my collection someday as I have none currently! Me saying these were my favorites is saying something as I had complete sets of these, all 3 Marvel Universe series, Ultraverse, DC, and a few others. I will say that Marvel Universe comes in a close second. I also really want the "Mantra" cards from the Ultraverse line again as she was my favorite charcter from that universe!
 Back to Joe, this ad is simple but does it need to be anything else? It shows what it has to and these cards were great. They spotlighted vehicles, had the "orginal team" - which was the first wave of figures, New Recruits (Rookies), and even spotlighted comics. Yes the whole series was taking the same elements from the Marvel cards but as I was a huge JOE collector back then, I liked these more.
 Ah Disney! Besides being one of my all time favorite Disney movies, the Lion King has become such a powerhouse. 3 movies (Lion King, Lion King II: Simba's Pride, and Lion King 1 1/2), multiple toys, lots of Happy Meal promotions, a broadway musical, and 2 cartoon series! One of course was "Timon and Pumbaa" and the other one is "The Lion Guard!" Looking at this ad, its no surprise! I mean just the ad itself is so interesting and makes you very curious on what it is all about!
 The movie that started it all - seriously! It is so "excellent" and funny that this movie spun off a sequel (Bogus Journey), a short lived tv series, and a cartoon series, as well as a comic book and a toyline! Honestly most films like this I hate with a passion but something about this one just feels great. It could be the future scene or the oddness of the movie itself or just the great acting of the cast! I sure hope we get a Bill and Ted 3 like they keep saying we will one day, even though Rufus won't be able to be in it.
 This ad is her for so many reasons. One Meatloaf is a great artist (I love his songs) and the other is its the special Olympics! I find this ad funny though cause it does have the Marvel Heroes ready to help him. Also the special Olympics was and still is a great cause.

 That's it for today but i'll be back soon. Oh and you might have noticed in the title "#298!" Yep this is post 298 on my blog. The countdown to 300 is on!