Trade With Brother Midnight Preview!

What? You wanted more? Okay.
  This trade box from Brother Midnight was full (and I mean FULL) of good stuff! These things that I am going to show tonight are the Masters of The Universe figures from the Loyal Subjects!
 I have been wanting some of these so I was excited to get these, though I know how Brother got so many duplicates and I wish it hadn't happened.
  Tri-Klops is awesome as his visor turns so that you can choose which eye to use.
  Stratos is pretty cool as well. He has always been one of the lamer guys to me but I still like him.
  He-Man! This is so awesome, I have the leader of the heroic forces!
  Trap Jaw has three attachments, I chose the one I always used as a kid with the toy. Look at how amazing he looks!
  To this day I have no idea why they chose this version of Beast Man! This is what is known as "RED" Beast Man. This is how he looked in I think the original mini comics. He loos pretty sweet this way but I would think they'd go with the classic look but that might be planned for a second series.
 Last up is Evil Lyn! She is by far the coolest. I love these guys and might pick up some later, I will probably get the Thundercats ones now or series two of MOTU when it comes out! I stayed away due to 13 bucks being a lot for me for a blind boxed toy BUT these are worth it. Thank You Brother Midnight!

 Later this week I will showcase the rest of the contents in a huge post so stay tuned!


  1. My misfortune is your good luck ! lol

  2. Nice!I loved Stratos as a kid.He's actually one of my favorites from this line.Looking forward to the reveal ;)

    1. Part one is up (I decided I had to split them up, actually Cassie was like this is to much for one post lol). Stratos in these is actually cool however as a regular toy still think he's bland lol.


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