Trade With Brother Midnight - Part Two Of Two!

It is time for the conclusion of what I got from Brother Midnight in our latest trade!
 Raider Rath here is from Sky Commanders. This series from the late 80s was interesting as it involved these vehicles that traveled on a string. They had a cartoon as well. This is actually how I discovered this line existed. I saw the cartoon over a decade later on Boomerang. These figures are great as they are mostly in scale with my M.A.S.K. figures (rath is a few cm taller).
 A couple boxes ago I got a couple mini Batman The Brave and the Bold figures and now I got some more. This first one is the Sportsmaster.
 This guy is Woton, who is a wizard character.
 This is the Dark Knight and if I remember correctly he fought Etrigan in the toon.
 This little guy is Aquaman's bro the Ocean Master!
 Finally is Metamorpho or Element Man, depending where in the world you are from.
 Here's the other Muppet I was talking about sometime back! It is Gonzo the great! I actually had all of these as a kid and am excited to add it back to my collection!
 I believe this mouse is from the Disney Princesses pets line. EDIT: after some research, I have discovered that I am correct she is in fact from the Disney Princess line: Palace Pets! This is Brie (named after the cheese) and is Cinderella's pet mouse! Now I have both her dog and mouse (as her dog was one of the very first I ever got!)
 Last box I got a Shredder mini and this one I get a really cool Splinter!
 This G.I.Joe is from the "Spy Troops"/ "Valor Vs. Venom" era of the line. His name is Hi-Tech. I am always happy to add new G.I.Joes to my "Castro Destro" display (yes I brought it back I'll show pics sometime soon!)

 Now we begin the Star Wars items!

One Note: I have really been wanting to re-add the Power of the Force II figures to my collection and thanks to Brother Midnight I have more!
 Micro Machines was huge back in the day so huge that they had multiple lines like Action Fleet. This set of Jabba's Barge which includes Yak Face, R2, and Jabba himself is an Action Fleet set! I had some as a kid but not this one and it looks great with my modern Star Wars Micro Machines!
 I went from 0 to 2 R2's in one box! The first one (which is on my "Original Trilogy" shelf) is from the Power of the Force II line, the other I am not sure but I put it on my Prequel/ Clone Wars shelf! Now I just need to get another one day to place on my Sequel trilogy shelf!
 Shiny 3-po is also from Power of the Force II line! I am so happy to re add this guy to my collection!
 This is the Wookie Warrior from the Revenge of the Sith! Its nice to finally have another wookie in my collection other than Chewie!
 This guy is from the Clone Wars cartoon series. It is a Mon Calamari warrior. He is from the race that Admiral Ackbar is from!
 OMG! Boush! This is one of my two favorite looks for Leia and both are from Return of the Jedi! Its funny though I love her costume where she is completely covered and the one that she is barely covered lol. I still need to get a slave Leia one day! I think this is from Power of the Force II but they redid her so much that I am not sure lol.
 Han here is from Power of the Force II and is exactly the same figure as one I already had but missing the Endor Jacket. I honestly always preferred this classic look so am excited to have him!
 Snaggletooth. Ok this guy was barely in the movie but is a legend due to Kenner's original line and the differences between blue and red Snaggletooth!
 This is the greatest bounty hunter of all time! Boba Fett! Do I need to say more?

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: There was one other but I forgot to snap a picture. It was vintage Han Solo! He looks so great next to my vintage Chewie (Which was also given to me by Brother Midnight!)
 Yo JOE! Wait a minute! Your not a JOE -- your an impostor! You might be thinking he looks familiar though. In 1994, the last year of the vintage Joe, Hasbro decided to make a line of toys based on the hit movie Street Fighter (yes I am being sarcastic as the movie was a huge flop!) They used figures from the Street Fighter II line (which was a G.I.Joe line) from 1993 and other Joe molds like this one! This here is Ar tic Assault Guile although his body is Blizzard. I had Blizzard as a kid but not this guy! I believe Guile is the only one to get a movie accurate head as the rest were reuses of the old SF II figures! Neat to have Jean-Claude Van Damme in my G.I.Joe display now.
 Chris Pine here is Captain Kirk and is from the Star Trek movie line. He is also sadly the only Star Trek figure I have in this scale yet. I will have to remedy that one day.
 Daredevil! It is always great to add new Marvel figures to my 3 3/4 display and DD is definitely no exception!
 I have been wanting 2 of these 3 3/4 Men In Black figures: K and this one J! I was tempted to toss him in my GIJOE display but decided to instead toss him in my Marvel display. Why? Because Marvel owns Malibu, which are the ones who first published MIB (Marvel would later release a few MIB specials after purchasing Malibu comics.)
 Spy Wolverine has always been one of my 3 favorite looks for Wolverine but for some reason I never owned any version of it. The other two I have had at some point (the Toy Biz versions though): Weapon X (with wires) and Weapon X (Age of Apocalypse)
 FINALLY! I finally have the most powerful man in the universe to lead my vintage Masters against the forces of Skeletor! I could not be happier right now!
 Vintage Thundercats! One of my most beloved childhood lines and now I have 3 more to add to the collection! This is Lion-O!
 Ma-Mutt here came with Mumm-Ra back in the day. This is the version that I had as a kid. I never had the articulated versions of MA-Mutt, Kit, Kat, or Snarf and due to that these non articulated are my favorites!
 We end this trade post with the best of the best: Slithe! This was the only original mutant (Slithe, Jackalman, and Monkian) that I owned as a kid and as such he has always been a high priority!

 Thank you once again Brother Midnight for the great trade! 

 The two posts that were bumped from this week to make room for these great items will be released next Monday and Wednesday so except for Friday, next week's posts are done so looks like we are  back on schedule. See you all Monday!


  1. oh my gosh you let out the secret that I buy Disney Princess dolls lol

    1. Nope you just did, for all anyone knew, you bought me a blind bag and thats what I got! LOL.

    2. yeah that actually did come from a blind bag but I do also collect the Disney Princess dolls (mostly Jasmine,mulan and Pocahontas) ;)

  2. Nice haul. Plenty of SW figures to build an empire.


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