Trade With Brother Midnight! Part One Of Two!

  It's time for an all new trade with Brother Midnight! Due to finances I haven't been able to do one for a while, but it was well worth the wait in what has to be the best box I have gotten from him yet!
 First up is a group of books and a DVD! The DVD is the last 2 seasons of the original TMNT cartoon series! Although I had the whole series, I did NOT have this set yet so I am excited to add it to the collection!

 Next up are something different as Brother Midnight has never sent me books before but these are awesome! The GIJOE book is from the vs Cobra line and the Transformers books are all graphic novels! I can't wait to read them!

 Garfield I already started lol. As you all know by now, I am a HUGE Garfield fan!
 This is Blurr (in "flight mode") from Transformers Cybertron, which was the final chapter of the Unicron Trilogy (which featured Armada, Energon, and Cybertron!) I decided to keep him in vehicle mode as I like it more than his bot mode. He will be a new Autobot soldier on my shelf.
 Drift here (from the current cartoon Robots In Disguise) is actually a character I have thought about buying but just never got around to it. I am excited to finally be adding him to my collection especially since I am now starting to watch the cartoon off and on.

 Anyone who has been reading my blog for any amount of time knows that I am a huge fan of Transformers, but more to the point I am an even bigger fan of Beast Wars (and Beast Machines figures but not so much that cartoon but loved the BW cartoon)! Brother Midnight really added to my Maximal and Predacon forces with this box!

 This guy here is from "Beast Machines" and his name is Hammerstrike. I never had him before but have wanted him for some time. Now I just need to get the original version of Cybershark (he was a basic unlike his transmetals version) because I think they would look great together!
 Ok Sling here needs some back story. I thought at first that he (and his ally Bazooka) were the Wal-Mart exclusive versions that were released here in the States. Imagine my surprise when I realized that they are the original Japanese versions from Beast Wars Neo! I have wanted these 2 (and the still Japanese only Dead End) for a very long time. I am so happy to have them. A little more info, as we all know Eryops is my favorite prehistoric animal but the Dimetrodon (which is NOT a dinosaur) is my second favorite one!
 This is Bazooka, he like Sling is from Beast Wars Neo, which was the second Japanese only Beast Wars Cartoon.
 I had this guy as a teenager! This Predacon is Buzzclaw! He is an amalgam of a lizard and a mantis. He is from the Fuzors sub-line of the Beast Wars third year of toys (and second season of the cartoon) Oddly the mantis is my favorite insect lol.
 This is Rhinox! He is missing obvious pieces BUT still looks pretty cool to me. HE is going to look great next to Primal and Tigatron! Interesting note: I had most of the original versions of the characters from the cartoon but Rhinox is the only Maximal I never had the original version of for some reason, I did eventually get his Transmetals version however.
 This is Sky Byte from the original Robots in Disguise cartoon from 2001. You can tell he is a pretty large robotic shark. You can also see why I would want the non transmetal smaller Cybershark. Why? This is a repaint of the Transmetals Cybershark! I never owned Sky Byte but I did own the Transmetals Cybershark and am excited to have this mold again. Oddly I like this version much more! He looks menacing as both a bot and a shark and that looks better as an evil Predacon, which Sky Byte is, than a heroic Maximal, which is what Cybershark is!

 These were the gems of the Transformers in the box though! Vintage Transformers!
 This is Chop Shop, he is one of the Deluxe Insecticons from the vintage line. It is so cool adding him to my collection.
 This is Bombshell, one of the basic Insecticons from the vintage line.
 This is Perceptor! I had no version of him whatsoever in my collection so he was the one I freaked over! I have been wanting a Perceptor and regretted not getting the Titan's Return version the ONE time I saw him. Now he is proudly joining my Autobots!
  DC Direct had a line of two-packs at one time based on the "Challenge of the Super Friends" cartoon. It had a hero with their arch enemy. Aquaman came with Blckmanta. They also came with an accessory like Manta's sub, the Hall of Justice, etc. When these came out I wanted them but couldn't afford them (I was in SF at the time) so getting Aquaman now was awesome. He is now in my Dc animation display!
 Batman here is the budget figure from Batman V Superman but is from the wave that repainted the figures in classic colors. This is now my go to Ben Affleck Batman as I like this color scheme so much more.
 I have been needing a Cavill Superman for some time and just never got around to it so was glad to see him.

 These next 2 are pretty great. I have been wanting some "WILD WEST C.O.W. BOYS OF MOO MESA" figures to put with my vintage TMNT figures. Why? Because I knew that they had teamed with the TMNT in the past in the comic book series "Tales of the TMNT!" What I did not know was that that wasn't their only connection. They were created by an artist that was known for working on the turtles and they even had a 3 issue mini series and a short lived ongoing series (also only 3 issues) by Archie, which were also doing a TMNT series at the time based on their cartoon! I never saw the cartoon series so I know very little about these guys.
 The Dakota Dude is one of the 3 main C.O.W. Boys! His name is an obvious parody of The Dakota Kid!
 Geronimoo, judging by his toys artwork and his name (a parody of Geronimo) is probably a native american.
 This "odd" figure is "Odd Job!" He's from the cartoon "James Bond Jr." While I never have owned any of these figures, I did watch the cartoon as a kid. Now I just need a James Bond Jr. to display with him (which I eventually wanted to get one day anyway!)
 Care to play tennis, fly in an airplane, or hit the ball? These monchichi pvc's sure so don't they? I never saw the cartoon but recently I didscovered that  they existed. While not a fan of the doll's look these pvc's are awesome. That and I love pvc's!
 I love Funko and have a lot of stuff but for some reason I never got any pint size heroes even though I wanted some. Well, now I got one! Here is Spider-Man!
  We all know by now that I love dinosaurs! This is the young T-rex that was seen in The Lost World (Jurassic Park's sequel). HE even has a "Broken leg" action feature which is disturbing as the leg seperates but is held by a white string which makes me think ew its holding by a bone lol.
 Here is an odd Spidey, he's on my misc marvel shelf now.
 OMG Baby Piggy! Thats what I was thinking when I saw this toy! She looks great with my other Muppets and someone that is coming up soon (also a Muppet!)
 Gantu here is a Funko Mystery mini and is from "Lilo and Stitch!"
 Army Men! Well sort of! These cute figurines are space people and are pretty cool.
 In fact this guy reminds me of Zeb from Star Wars Rebels.
 This one should be green as it reminds me of a skrull!
  Little Rhino the bully at Hero Elementary just stole Petey's lunch money! He he. Rhino is from the Marvel Playskool Heroes line and is my first villain for it unless you count Hulk (as I had Hulk, Spidey, and Thor)!

  I have been wanting the Bucky figures (I mean come on their enemies are froggies and we know how much I love frogs!) and now I got 4!
 Bucky O' Hare himself!
Commander Dogstar
Dead-Eye Duck

A few years ago I discovered online that there was a Flintstone Kids line. Ever since I wanted them. Imagine my surprise when I found these two in my box!
  Wilma before she was a flintstone looks pretty cool.
 As does Freddie Flintstone. To bad they never made any pup named Scooby-Doo figures! Although there are Yo Yogi bendies out there!
That is it for part one but be here Friday for the conclusion!


  1. Awesome stuff!Now comes the fun part,displaying It all!

    1. Yep and funny that you mention that as I plan to bring back my "Shelfie" series because of how different they look now, especially since Thanksgiving.

      You think this stuff is great? Wait until you see part 2 of the trade!

    2. I thought you might enjoy the graphic novels :) I read them a few times and they have just been sitting here since.

    3. I do and enjoying reading them. Reading two currently - Garfield and Regeneration One!


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