Welcome to a new feature on my blog: Toy Spotlight, here we take a look  at a toy (and sometimes compare it to others like in this one)! Today we will be taking a look at Baloo the bear from Playmates' 1990's toyline.
  The Playmates version was pretty great! The only issue I have with it (and honestly it never clicked  before I got the Funko version,since I barely watched the cartoon) is that he is not in the outfit that he usually wears in the cartoon! He usually just has the shirt on and not the coat and scarf. Makes me wonder if they planned a second Baloo down the line?  He has 5 POA and is a great figure.
  When you compare him with the new Baloo you can see that they are similar in size. Originally I planned to not get Funko Baloo because I was like I already have one, but I am glad that I have him now.
  Funko's version is much better in my opinion due to him being more cartoon accurate.
  However at least Playmates Baloo has other characters in the line like Kit and Louie! All in all it is great to be able to have 2 figures of him and both looking different. Its even better that they are both iconic looks from the television show!
 I hope you enjoyed the first toy spotlight!