Toy Haul!

 Here is a quick look at some of my recent purchases. These were purchased late December/ early January and just getting around to post now lol!
 First up is my EPIC (pricewise) TRU haul! This was my first visit to TRU in many months and it was worth it! Even though there was a nasty snow storm, I don't regret it at all!
  I found the Liege Maximo Prime Master! This was  the highest on my list as I actually owned Skullgrin as a kid (one of the few Transformers that I did own as a kid.) The Pretender shell as the accessory is a nice idea and many more are coming! I got him for the full price of $6!
 The rest were clearances! I have had my eye on Zod for quite some time and for a buck? I Could not say no!
 Black Widow is from the failed Hasbro "Toys to Life" Avengers game "Playmation!" I've thought about getting some for displays but never pulled the trigger. I am a huge fan of the Black Widow (thanks to the movies) and never saw this one before and chose to grab her, especially at a buck! They had Hawkeye as well but meh lol. What shocked me is they have a little articulation, its extremely limited and they barely move but still cool! Might get more at Five Below (where they are 5!)
 The last item is EPIC for me. I used to play Infinity and own 1 and 2.0. I decided to skip 3.0 because it no longer felt Disney to me (due to 2.0). Which I think was the downfall of Infinity, we wanted Disney and not Marvel or Star Wars as they had plenty of other games (heck they are repeating this with the Disney Store Toybox figures based on the look of Infinity where they are doing not Disney but stuff like Marvel and Star Wars! Once I heard Infinity was coming to an end I decided o pick up 3.0 so I would have all 3, but could never find it (when I had money) for  theX-Box 360. I finally found it and it was now regularly 4 bucks on sale for 1.98. Yeah it went home.
  My Goodwill hauls lately have been meh but these are pretty cool. I do regret not picking up a Donald plushie I saw for 2 bucks as I later discovered after looking to see who else I needed that it was from this Hardees "Mickey's Christmas Carol" line that I had a Goofy and Minnie (and now Scrooge) from. He looks identical to any Donald though so thats why I goofed, all the others are in different garb. The Goof Troop vhs goes into my growing "TV" sries collection! That 6 inch Mikey is incomplete but is a Mutations figure. My first ever and is on my TMNT shelf (with my growing army of Mikey's!)
     Target was my first stop that I bought stuff at (Five Below I got nothing and don't count lunch at Burger King!) I got a clearanced Titan Master Shuffler from Transformers: Titans Return, a clearanced Mad Balls blind bag, and this awesome Lego 3 in 1 pug! What stinks is only the pug directions are in the instructions, the other 2 builds are net only! NOTE: I have the pug like that because that is how he is shown on the bag! The cool thing is for a polybagged Lego set this is pretty awesome as not only are their 2 other builds I could choose instead of him, but he is articulated! Both back legs go up and down and his head goes back and forth! Not usually HUGELY impressed by dog collectibles but love this one!
 Last up is my Wal-Mart haul (Teela below I got the following Thursday, these were purchased almost a week earlier on a Friday!) I found 2 new Disney Nanos from Jada! Gizmo Duck and Scrooge (I plan to review them soon). I also found the Beast Man (and later Teela) from series 2 of MegaConstrux from Mattel/Megabloks, and the new female Dinobot Slash (she is timy). Anyone want me to review her sometime? Oh interesting note: Teela is my first toy purchase of 2018 as everything else in this post was purchased on December 29!
  Below is an image from the directions that shows all 6 in series 2, like series one it seems like the Star Trek figures are the pegwarmers!
Lastly, here  is a look at my Jada collection! Mikey is now on the TMNT shelf but is from Jada, the rest are Nano's.
 That is it for now, but I have more planned!


  1. Thank You. Actually shocked that it took this long to post it lol (kept delaying it because other things came up lol)


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