REVIEW: Disney's DuckTales Nano Metalfigs from Jada Toys!

  Recently, I got some cool stuff at Wal-Mart and 2 of those things were 2 of the newer Disney Nano's from Jada Toys. Sadly I will be getting these again eventually (lol) as they are in a 10 pack with Huey, Dewy, and Louie!
 Ducktales is one of my top 5 favorite "Classic" Disney cartoons (the others are Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, Little Mermaid, and Wuzzles!) SO when I saw these I was like OMG!
  Unlike many of the other nano's, the Disney ones look perfect! Don't get me wrong I love this line I have over 25 of them (lol), but they have their issues being so small that the faces can't look perfect but somehow they have hit the non human ones out of the park (I have Kermit, Animal, Mickey, Minnie, and these 2 so far). Gizmo Duck looks spot on! His sculpt and paint aps make him look like he just rolled out of the original cartoon series!
  Scrooge here looks just as great! I am pleasantly surprised that they went with the classic DuckTales look and not the reboot and hope this trend continues honestly as I am sure that we will get plenty from the reboot in time since it will have at least 2 seasons.
  For those who don't know anything about these figurines, they are tiny! About an inch or so and are made of die-cast metal!  They are also pretty cheap (which is why I love them - not only are they so cheap but they look great), costing only 99 cents! Now I got to track down that 10-pack to get the triplets! This is one of the fe times that I have no issue getting a 10-pack even though I only want a few of them and that is because it is DUCKTALES!
 Now I just hope that Darkwing Duck (my favorite Disney cartoon) is coming! We missed out on him in Disney Infinity (he was actually coming) so maybe we can get him this way! Yes I know he is out in multiple forms by Funko and planning on getting them, BUT can we ever have to much Darkwing Duck?