REVIEW: Captain Rex from Star Wars Rebels Figure!

  Recently I finally found the Captain Rex figure that came out a year or so ago. What made it even better was that it was at Five Below so I got him for 5 bucks instead of 8! I wanted this figure because I am a fan of not only Rebles, but also of Rex himself. I thought he was a great character that really set himself apart from the other clones in Star Wars the Clone Wars! Sadly in the years since he has gained a considerable amount of weight lol.
  The figure looks spot on. He even looks just as "chubby" as does in the show. I like this and probably relate more to him due to being chubby myself.
  He is wearing his clone armor that he wears in most of the series.
  I am guessing that they decided to have him wear it to keep him more like his "younger" self but in upcoming episodes that is changing and he will look more like an old guy who helped the rebels free Endor in Return of the Jedi making it look like he might be in ROTJ lol.
  The figure is part of the 3.75 basic line and like almost all of the figures in that line, he has just 5 points of articulation. Personally with Star Wars I am fine with that due to the fact that I grew up with the vintage line in the 80s and those had 5 or less points of articulation so this brings me back, though it does hurt some figures.
  The face sculpt is perfect and looks just as he does in the cartoon series. My figure doesn't seem to have any sloppy paint or bad paint aps. I would recommend this figure to anyone who likes Clone Wars, Rebels, or the 5 Points of Articulation line!