A Toy Box Christmas!

 For those of you who follow his blog, know that The Toy Box had a pretty great Batman Haul this past Christmas (and a lot of other awesome things as well). He also was giving away a incomplete item (for those who do not know what it is I am keeping it a surprise until the end) to someone who wanted it. I did and he sent it to me and some surprises!
  First of all this box was HUGE! When I opened it up I was greeted to this! There was a letter saying Merry (Belated) Christmas!
  I was in awe!This was just wow! I was (and still am speechless!)
  First off he sent me candy: lots of candy! I am going to reuse that candy cane for something and save the empty "book" box the lifesavers came in for a decoration next Christmas!
  I was confused by Sixlets until I ate some! I instantly remembered them from Halloweens as a kid. This was such a great flashback! As you all know by now I have a terrible memory so having it jogged is always great!
  These snowman are delicious! Okay getting a head of myself. Toy Box could not have known this as I have never said it here but this was the perfect candy related gift for me! I lived in San Francisco from 2001 until 2013 and they have a huge Ghiradelli store there. In fact Ghiradelli has been in SF since the 1800s! So when you mix that with Caramel (my all time favorite non halloween/holiday) candy you can't go wrong!
  I also got these single candies to. I haven't eaten these yet but can't wait as I haven't had a Reeses tree or a York in years!
  Next up is really cool! This is the Target Exclusive Starnger Things Season one box set. It is made to look like an old vhs case for some reason (kidding, I know why) and the dvds are in a case that was made to look like a VHS tape! It is pretty sweet! There is even a poster! As one of the few in our community to have not seen this series yet I am looking forward to finally watching it!
  This was a huge shocker! These are the first three Nick era SDCC TMNT exclusives!
  I was so ecstatic! I had been wanting these for a long time!
  As I have not decided if i'm opening them yet, I got loose images from Google as the boxes don't show the figure inside.
   Even though this figure is essentially a statue, I have liked the look of this Leo ever since I saw images of him when he was released way back in 2012! I think the lighting and pose make him look great!
   The 2013 exclusive was Shredder!
  Out of the 3 this one I will not be removing from the package for sure. It is not because I don't like him (because I do) but I have a Nick Turtles Shredder that works for me and I would like to keep at least one of these exclusives in tact. This Shredder however is awesome as his armor is much better in this version.
  The 2013 exclusive is the best in my opinion!
  I stupidly passed on the "comic book" turtles when I saw them at TRU years ago and have regretted it ever since! I will probably be opening him and give him nunchuks to turn him into Mikey and put him on my Mikey shelf lol. That is the great thing about the original versions as there was no other way to differentiate them other than their weapons! I really love this figure!
  I also found this Star Wars badge in the Lifesavers book box. At first I was like huh? Until I realized that Toy Box had to have put it there. This will look great in my Star Wars display.
  Speaking of Star Wars: So two (plus) years ago Disney Store began a new toyline of 6/7 in scale die cast action figures called The Elite Series. I have been wanting one badly but had two things stopping me: no Disney Store and the price (even worse if you add shipping if bought online) so seeing this was a shock!
  This figure is fully articulated and heavy! He is also the most recent release in the series: "First Order Judicial" fro the Last Jedi!

 So that ends this po--- wait theres one more thing? Are you sure? :)
  Yep the thing that started this: the Batwing! I was never huge in vehicles (or playsets for that matter) as a kid and still am not, but there were a few I had then that are on my want list now (and some I didn't have). The one that was on the very top vehicle wise? The Batwing! This was my all-time favorite vehicle as a child and have loved the Batwing ever since.
  Since I don't have a Toybiz Batman, I threw in a Kenner Batman from a year later (1990) that I got in a trade with Brother Midnight. He fits in the cockpit great and you can even close the canopy.
  Which is not the case when I put in a ToyBiz Iron Man.
  I really love this vehicle. Whats funny is I actually prefer it without the "cruncher" mechanism as it can now sit flat on a surface!
 So that's what I got from my gift box from The Toy Box! Thank you again so much, I really appreciate it!


  1. Amazing toy box from ...Toy box!One can only appreciate the time and effort that goes into these packages.Awesome on your part Toy Box and super haul Alexis :)

    Oh and Stranger Things box set for the win!

    1. Oh I agree, it is obvious that he puts thought into these boxes!


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