A look at our Christmas snow and other misc things!

 If you follow me on Instagram, 2 of these pictures should be familiar but most are not. On Christmas eve/ day we got 3 - 4 inches of snow! I was out there shoveling really early (hence why the toy pics are so dark!)
(This is the first floor apartment's stuff but you can see snow on the porch!)
 When I went out to take pics of Vader, I nearly fell because it was so deep! After the photo shoot I ran up the stairs and grabbed my snow shovel. Took me about a half hour to clear it enough from the stairs to the street! Die not worry about the sidewalk except right in front of the stairs to the street! By the way it has been so cold that not only has it not melted yet but we have had more (and more forecasted - as well as freezing rain- this Sunday/ Monday!)
 As you can see I grabbed my 32 inch Vader. I love him so much! He looks great here like he is outside of the rebel base on Hoth (or even inside at the floor of the entrance!)
 This one was on Instagram! He was a pain. That is the street and the wind kept blowing him over and it was freezing! I think it took like 5 minutes to finally get the pic!
 This was also on Instagram. I took like 4 pics of it (one is on the top of this page) and that is because I kept not liking how it came out, still don't. I came up with the tagline (below) in response to how some people feel about The Last Jedi!
"Even Legends Can Fall!"
 To keep with toys before we go to Kara, here is Rex the clone trooper as he looks in Rebels. I got him (and many others) at Five Below recently! They have a lot of the Force Awakens and Rogue One singles and two-packs at $5 a piece so might be worth checking if you have one close by (I have also seen DC Multiverse 6 inch, Marvel Legends 6 inch, Marvel Legends 3.75 Inch, and even Lego Dimension sets as well!)


 She started sleeping on this box which had some old pizza boxes (frozen) that I was going to toss and my winter clothes and a purse that I had taken off. I later removed them but put some clothes and left the pizza boxes (to keep it stable) as she loves that spot!
 This is one of my favorite pics!I took this before Christmas from outside on the street. You see my Horde Empire poster from MOTU Classics in the back and kinda looks like she is doing some kind of invasion plan (which sounds like something my Kara would do!) lol!
 Last up is Kara standing on my Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar last month just as I was about to open that day's door! lol.

 That's it for today but even more to come soon! Posts are planned to be released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at midnight EST starting this week. Yep going back to the old schedule!