A Late 25 Days of Christmas post: Christmas 2017 Presents/haul

Before I start you might have noticed the new look, what do you think of it? Not sure that I will keep it yet!

Also Happy New Year!

 I know its almost two weeks later but I thought i'd share my Christmas haul! As you may know, every Christmas I buy blind bags (and candy) and toss them in a socking to open up on Christmas morning. That way I still get that "mystery" feeling that I got as a kid! This was my third year doing this and think I did pretty good for the most part!
  First up is this Madballs figure. I was concerned as I had one from series 2 (which this is form) but thankfully I did not have this attractive fellow. I wish I had got more of these as they have been clearanced now as I really like these figures. I never had Madballs as a kid, but now feel as though I really MISSED OUT as they are pretty cool!
  Last year I shared that I got Thomas the train figures and they were ironically both candy related, well this year I got 2 different series to make sure not to get duplicates (as I had not bought any this year) and although they weren't Power Rangers (which were in one series), I am pretty happy with that space one that I got!
  Every year I get a pony, ever since year one, this year I got just one but what a one to get! This girl is so cool and by far my absolute favorite of these mini figures! She looks so awesome when brought up to light (pictures did not do it justice). She is translucent and so very cool!
  Ok full disclosure: I cheated on THREE of these and this is one of them. I really wanted this snake so I could have a villain from the Lion Guard series and so glad that I did! Ushari here (voiced by Christian Slater according to Wikipedia) is pretty cool and looks as he does on the toon! He is the main reason that the villains now talk to the spirit of Scar!
  Here are the 😾 items! Two "Transformers Prime" Optimus Primes and Two "Generation One" figures (Megatron and Starscream) all of which I already had! At 50 cents a piece though, it was worth the risk.
  However I did not have either one of these Ratchets (Bay Formers and Transformers Prime) so I was happy about that!
  Another one of my cheats: Cliffjumper here I was pretty happy to get and though looks crappy this way, looks great in robot mode, however it can't stand in robot mode :(
  I finally broke down and bought a Transformers movie blindbag.
  I really like this tiny little Starscream for some reason lol.
 Last up is not only my last cheat but my favorite of all of them! This is my first non Megabloks (Megaconstrux) Halfshell Heroes figure! As you all know by now Michaelangelo is my all time favorite turtle for some reason! I really love this guy!

 So that is a look at my Christmas haul. Even more articles are coming soon so get ready!


  1. Ya did good Alexis.At least you got toys!

    1. Thank You, oh I got non toys and some more toys with my Christmas money from my dad to. (some of it went to the toys in the stocking as well) he specifically said some money was to see the Last Jedi as he knew I really wanted to see it.


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