25 Days of Christmas: M&M's

 Still under the weather but still trying to keep up with the 25 day schedule. Its this freezing temperatures we went from the 60s to below freezing in no time, gotta love the mid-west lol.
  Today we will be looking at something else that I Associate with Christmas: M & M's! Believe it or not I do and its because we used to get the holiday M&M bags while I was a kid. One of he only candies we did that with! I loved it because they were themed to the holiday (Halloween or Christmas - we did both)! Due to this I had to pick up the holiday ornaments when  found them. All 3 of these I think came with tubes of candy but can't be sure. Only guessing because they do that to this day. The orange man m above is a more recent release. Not only is his copy write the 2000's but he is shaped more like they are today than the below ones.
  Green (and Red which can be seen below) ae from the 90's. When I saw these 2 for a quarter each I think, I freaked! Not only are they from my childhood but they look great!
  Both are the same exact sculpt and are obviously from before the time they all got personalities. Red looks pretty much the same today BUT Green is now a female!
   Green honestly looks better than red and it is because of the Santa hat. To me, the red clashes and doesn't look right to me.
  Overall though they both look pretty great!
 Here are all 3 together and they look pretty great!
That is it for today, but even more wintery fun to come!


  1. I just saw some m&m christmas lights at walmart that look pretty neat.


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