New Arrivals: 25 Days of Christmas Edition!

 For this post I Thought it was appropriate to bring back the toy hauls logo from last year! Today we will looking at some of my recent purchases that have a wintery theme!
  Here are the two lemur brothers from Ice Age! I don't actively search for these figures but now have Sid and a dinosaur from these promos. This one however is from Ice Age II The Meltdown and like the others is from McDonalds.
 This plush is a kids meal premium! I got it cause its both a penguin and promotes Six Flags (a place I went to often when I lived in Georgia!)
 Ok so  why are these two dwarves here? Turns out the original Snow White theatrical release was in January but had limited showings around Christmas! So felt it was appropriate.
 Both of these Dwarves are fragile and heavy. Shocked they didn't break as I found them in the 2.99 toy bin! :O They are favorites of mine now.
 This holiday decorated mini plush is so cute. Not much to say though.
Well, that is it for today but tomorrow we will be doing even more winter fun so stay tuned!