The Holidays might  almost be over but I am back and just in time to do one last post before the new year!!!! Welcome to another Fast Food Premiums/ Vintage Childhood crossover as I had all of these before I graduated. I got them back thanks to places like Goodwill!
Human Torch (McDonalds, 1996) 
 Believe it or not this was my favorite Torch figure as a kid. He is currently in display with my Future Foundation Marvel Universe figures. He is in scale with the 3 3/4 scale (because of his bent knees) and though only has 3 Points of articulation, is a pretty cool figure. I used to have him team up with Cap, Spidey (both from Secret Wars) and the Joes! So much fun back then!
Animated Robin (McDonalds, 1993)
 Probably my least favorite of this MCDonalds meal were the cars. They also had 4 figures (Batman, Batgirl - the only way to get her at this time, CatWoman, and the Riddler) and I had all 4 BUT I  also had the 4 vehicles (Joker, Poison Ivy - which was pretty cool as the front had a venus flytrap that opened up, Robin here, and Two-Face!) Joker is the only one I am not sure if I actually had. Currently Robin is the one I have found but REALLY want those figures again!
 Garfield (McDonald's, 1988)
 Garfield and I have always been connected but until about a decade ago I never realized how connected lol. As most are probably aware Garfield started his life in 1978 (June to be exact) and I started my life in 1978 (July to be exact. Yep that is right Garfield is only a little over a month older than me but the connections don't stop there! I Didn't realize it at the time I moved back in 2023 BUT Garfield is set in Muncie Indiana, guess where I live? I really love him and loved to get my hands on this vehicle again what is amazing is its two parts and I found both parts months apart lol. It is also the only one from this particular happy meal that had Odie!
Farmer Lucy (McDonald's, 1989)
 These next two are from the same Happy meal.
Farmer Snoopy with Woodstock and pig (McDonald's, 1989)
 I remember loving these as they (like Garfield) were the only versions of these characters in toy form that I had. I now own 2 of the 4 (complete), I do have Linus' milk accessory but none of the rest of him or Charlie Brown and hope to get them to complete this line one day!

 That is it for today but more is to come during the New Year!


  1. That Human Torch has a lot going for it!

    1. Yes he really does. I really love this guy so much, always did. He is even a little translucent!

  2. Fun stuff. Never seen that Human Torch before.


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