25 Days Of Christmas: Snow!

 Still not feeling well, but managed to get some pics of our first true snowfall here in Indiana from Saturday! Still can't believe the south got snow before us this year!
As you can see it wasn't great but it still was pretty! Even more wintery fun tomorrow!


  1. Even though we live in the same town, it was interesting to see the snow from your perspective. Very beautiful, except maybe the garbage cans hehe. :)

  2. uhg I got it also .I was going to take some pictures of my Iron grenadier team with this Russian cargo truck but once I walked outside it was just such a mess I just went back inside lol.

  3. What are those trash comes out there up to? Look like they're plotting against you to get inside of your warm house.

    1. They tried but it failed! In all seriousness I didn't even think of it until you said it but yeah lol, looks like planning session!


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