25 Days of Christmas: My Tree This Year!

  NOTE: After taking these pics in November, my pink tree has been moved to the collection room widow so people outside can see it but because I kept the ornaments almost exactly in the same spot, I decided to not take new pictures!

 For the most part I will et the pictures speak for themselves as I am still nursing this nasty cold.
  This is my tree onside my living room. The lights have long burnt out but I still use it.
  Mostly it has pink ornaments I got on clearance at Wal-Mart years ago but it also has a couple plush ornaments that I have had since I lived in San Francisco (A TY Beanie Babies Hamster and a dog!) The other plush ornaments I have also had since San Francisco but are from the same property: Farmville (yes Farmville!), these came out (and starred the same characters that were made) the same time as a cartoon short was released. Sadly I never got all 8, just 6 as they were hard to find in SF (which is odd as Zynga is based there) and they were expensive and blind boxed!
 Here s my only nativity scene! Yes it is the Peanuts gang, I got it at Toys R' Us last year!
  Here is my favorite of the two trees that I have! As I said earlier this is now in my collection room window!
  I got this cool Taz (female) ornament at Goodwill earlier this year!
  This I was excited to find at a thrift store! It is from 1979 and only cost me a quarter!
  Marley and Me - Purina Dog Chow ornament.
  Expect to see him again next week because I will be doing an article about both of the ornaments that came out! I literally just found the other one on Thursday!
  Precious Moments!
  Look how old that Hallmark Santa Snowmobile ornament is! 1984!
  Optimus Prime!
 A look at the other side of the 1979 ornament. I remember having ornaments like these (including the fragile material this is made of) so this was one of my all time favorite Christmas decoration finds!

 Those Transformers ornaments had candy in them and found them last year in the front of the store where the Christmas decorations and candy are at Dollar Tree!

 Well, that is it for tonight and I hope that I feel good enough so that I can do these ahead of time again soon as I like keeping with my midnight schedule! There might be two posts on the 12 or the 13 as I will be posting the first half of the Lego Star Wars 2017 Advent Calendar contents then (second half will be on Christmas like I originally planned!) Even more wintery fun tomorrow!


  1. Fun ornaments. Lots of goodness.

  2. I haven't set up a christmas tree since 2011 really. I have an I love Lucy branded pink aluminum Christmas tree from 1958 ( there isn't a single mention of its existence anywhere on the internet)that I have thought about setting up but Im super lazy lol


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