25 Days Of Christmas: Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar - The First 12 Days! Yay!

Warning: Today's item is included in this post, so if your opening it yourself, might want to read this after you open it!
It is time to look at the first 12 days of prizes from the 2017 Lego Star Wars advent calendar!
  Day one gave us the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels!
  Day two was Sabine Wren, also from Rebels!
  Like many Lego's she had another face on the other side of her head which is covered by her hair!
  Day # 3 gave us the Phantom from Rebels!
  Day # 4: A gun!
   Day # 5: Is it Poe Dameron or a Resistance fighter? There seems to be differenting opinions on that but I consider it Poe!
  He to has an alternate face!
  Next up for day 6 was the troop transport fom the Force Awakens, so day 7 was to be expected:
  A stormtrooper (he has only one face!)
  Day 8 was a disappointment to most but I like the weapon's rack!
  Day 9 gave us Rey's speeder!
  # 10: that thug creature that tried to kidnap BB-8.
# 11 was his mechanical animal thing!
#12 was The Millennium Falcon!

 All in all I am happy with it thus far. That is mostly because up until now, I only had 2 Lego Star Wars items: a mini Star Destroyer from the Force Awakens and a Walker from the Last Jedi. Both were polybags I found t Wal-Mart, therefore I love getting these items! Truthfully I was disappointed in day one until I found out that it was the Ghost. I can understand why some are disappointed thus far and agree that it is not as good as past offerings but again for me it is great and I am enjoying it MUCH more so than I enjoyed last year's Lego City Advent Calendar! I will show the last half around Christmas day! Even more wintery fun to come tomorrow and maybe even later today!


  1. I have like 300 pounds of lego (literally,I weighed out to sell on craigslist but never did) and I would say a good estimate is around 1000 mini figures. Many of those mini figures are starwars. if you would like I can start digging them out now for some future trade (not this trade though as the box is already about to explode lol )


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