25 Days of Christmas: Lego Santa Claus Polybag!

 Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!
 On the first of November when I picked up the Star Wars Advent Calendar I picked this guy up as well as I just HAD to have him.
 The reason is simple I had a very similar Santa Lego as a kid and had forgotten all about him until I saw this one!
 The build itself is rather easy as it is a polybagged item and is less than 100 pieces! I found him at Target and if you can find him I would recommend getting him as he is pretty cool! I will point out that because he is a cheaper item (less than $6) he has no articulation whatsoever but that just gives him charm and reminds me of the one I had in the 80s or 90s even more so!
 Well, that is it for today but tomorrow we will be doing even more winter fun so stay tuned!


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