25 Days of Christmas: It Begins Now!

 Welcome to 25 Days of Christmas!
 One of the very few posts that did post for the cancelled 25 days of Christmas last year was a post about these Muppet Babies plush from McDonalds. I showed off Miss Piggy and
 Kermit. They are all decked in Holiday gear.
  Well now I can show you the third and final plush in the set:
 Baby Fozzie! Unlike Kermie, Fozzie here is compete, he even still has his tag! I am so happy to finally have the whole collection!

 Thus begins my Christmas countdown! I tried this last year but was so exhausted from 31 Days of Halloween, personal issues, and being sick so let's hope I can do it this year!

 Plus I even am having my Instagram account be a part of it this time, during 31 Days of Halloween, I didn't post at all but this event is different!

 Every year I open an advent calendar for Christmas (this is the third year) and every year I am disappointed with the LEgo City one so this year I got well this one:
 Unlike last year I Will be posting the contents each day on Instagram and then on Christmas I Will post all of them here that way you don't have to go to a post of just the one image every day if you don;t want to.
 I Am looking forward to this one because I only have TWO Lego Star Wars items (the Gorilla Walker and Star Destroyer polybags) and have been wanting some mini figs as well.
 Also look how great that looks. It'll be a great backdrop! The content of day one will be on my Instagram account later today!

 Well, that is it for today but tomorrow we will be doing even more winter fun so stay tuned!