25 Days Of Christmas: Coca-Cola Figurines!

 Here is a bonus post as I decided to release a second post today!
 I have spoken about the relationship Christmas and Coca-Cola has had and now I thought I'd show off two items that I have. I found both pf these at a thrift store here in Muncie Indiana and the Santa figurine is not only from the Coca-Cola Village collection, but I even have its box (it was opened so I didn't unseal it.)
  As you can see this figurine has a great sculpt. No creepy Santa here.
  I think they outdid themselves with this figurine. Not only is he holding a bottle of Coke and ringing a bell,
  Bt loo at that detail of both the "snow" stand and the donation area!
  He is definitely a favorite holiday decoration of mine and just might stay out all year round!
  Next up is this ornament which I have on a shelf and not on my tree as I think it looks better with that Santa I found him at the same store at the same time as Santa! Unlike Santa, this is not fragile and plastic. However I love the detail on this as well. They could have gone cheap but they didn't!
  The ornament does look like a coke machine or soda jerk thing.
 As you can see the Soda Jerk (or mouse in this case I guess) is wearing that old fashioned outfit. Also one of the dispensers even looks like it is dispensing cola! All in all both of these collectibles are great and considering that I spent less than 2 bucks to have them in my collection (I think the figurine was a buck and the mouse I believe was a quarter) makes them even more of a find to me! Even more wintery fun to come tomorrow and in case you did not notice, this is my second post today!