25 Days of Christmas: Coca-Cola Classic Soda!

I found all of these in a Google search:
Sadly I am still feeling under the weather so this will be shorter than I had originally wanted it to be.
Coca-Cola and Christmas has had a huge connection ever since a least the 30s! I have shared how the holidays never seem to be the same without seeing the "holidays are coming" ad (a recent version is linked below) but here are some old Coke ads! Above is from the 30's!
  This one is from 41. 
 Here is another, which is from 52. Then below is one from 59!
I am not surprised that Santa loves Coca-Cola I mean he does work all night long and therefore is it really a surprise that here needs a refreshing Coca-Cola Classic with caffeine to stay awake?

 I think not! Even more wintery fun tomorrow but before you go, enjoy a remake of one of the most important ads of the Christmas season in my opinion:
and how about one from the 90s as well?


  1. When I was growing up, Coke was a big thing. Grandma had a phone that even had the coke theme as its ringer. This wasn't a cell phone either. It was literally a landline phone for a house. Loved seeing this!

    1. Yeah those were pretty great. Pepsi was huge in my family lol

  2. My family has always been a Cheerwine and nehi family.They dont even sell Cheerwine in most places but it's made just really close by me.


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