I'm back! Starting tonight I Will post a new post every Thursday - guaranteed! It is so I can focus on the Christmas countdown, which you can see I Am starting on :)

 Welcome back to Fast Food Premiums, I know its been awhile but more are coming, in fact this is the first of two that could have been a part of "Vintage Childhood as well as I owned all 10 featured in these two articles as a kid! Expect that other post after "25 Days of Christmas!"
Charlie (Wendy's, 1989)
 Ah All Dogs Go to Heaven. This was a pretty good film and this figurine from Wendy's was pretty good to. These days if a movie is planned to be big we get bombarded with merchandise but not in the 80s. So yeah this was one of the only figures of Charlie back then that I know of. Others have been made since!
Einstein (Burger King, 1991)
 I remember back in the 80s when people were upset (myself included) that Back To The Future ended the way it did and no sequel was planned. Then suddenly they announced not one but two were on their way! Though not nearly as good as the original, both films (and especially two) were very good films! After the film series ended, people wanted more and we got the cartoon series (it was hosted by Christopher Lloyd, who also hosted the ride at Universal Studios). Although the toon did not last long (only one or two seasons on CBS), we did get 4 toys from Burger King. I own 3 of them (only missing Doc Brown's son (forget his name) now,) but I only had Einstein as a kid hence why he is the one featured here!
 Peter Pan with Tinker Bell (McDonalds, 1991)
 Ah Hook the forgettable film. Which is sad as Robin Williams was a great actor (as were the others), it was just a stupid idea. We did however get toys from Kenner (which I have not found yet) and 4 toys from McDonald's. This one is still not complete as I am missing his sail and its the only one I think I had as a kid (but could be wrong) and the only one I have found thus far!
Petunia Pig and Taz Flash Suit (McDonalds, 1992)
 I really loved these Looney Tunes figures from McDonalds!  I had all but Bugs Bunny as a kid but right now I just have Petunia (minus her Wonder Woman costume) and Taz's Flash Costume (minus Taz)! Someday I hope to have all 4 of them completed but for now I am happy with these. I still regret not picking up the Taz when I saw him as I found his suit a few weeks later.
Bobby with and without car facade (McDonalds, 1994)
 I THINK I had this as a kid but could be wrong but since this is Fast Food Premiums and not Vintage Childhood, it doesn't really matter. I was a huge fan of this FOX show and forgot Howie Mandel was in it. In fact I became a huge fan of him due to "Deal or No Deal" and "America's Got Talent" and then discovered that he was also Bobby(and hosted the cartoon). I know duh! but remember I hadn't seen it since the 90s and I have a bad memory. I first found this figure minus the "Dream" facade but later found it with it. I like having two so I can showcase it both ways like I do with the Tiny Toons and 101 Dalmations McDonalds flip cars!

 That is it for another installment of Fast Food Premiums but more are coming!


  1. Fast Food Premiums - always fun stuff. Interesting Peter Pan figure.

    1. Yeah they were pretty cool back then and that Pan is interesting.

  2. Those Looney Tune Superheroes were pretty amazing!


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