37 Days of Halloween: Kitty Trooper has Returned!

 Last year during 31 days of Halloween I posted this picture I took of my cat Kara looking at a stormtrooper helmet that I have.
 Well today, after a comment from my friend Cassie (yes a year ago), I finally decided to annoy her a bit after buying a new mask.
 Without further ado here we go....
 Darth Kitty:
 Another Darth Kitty:
Kitty Trooper:
And introducing my newest mask....
Kara Ren:
 Yes I was holding them but there was no way she would wear them. Hope you enjoyed this cuter post! More spooktacular fun's coming!


  1. That is awesome. Poor kitty has joined the dark side.

    1. Yep, my favorite is the new kitty trooper pic ironically as she looks ready to battle or salute!


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