31 Days of Halloween: Time is up and After Halloween Haul

  All good things and all that huh? i am ending this celebration as going 6 days extra was jut to much and I want to successfully do 25 days of Christmas this year and post a collection walkthrough on Thanksgiving again this year! On the subject of the walkthrough I will be doing it different this year. I will try to do better lighting for the video in parts and for those who do not want to watch a hour plus video (which I think last years was) I will do photos as well but they won't be as detailed and will just show the shelf! That video which I have not filmed yet and images will take a lot of my time! Plus getting posts ready for 25 days of Christmas. So what does this mean? I will be going down to one post a week until at least Thanksgiving! I might do bonus posts though so some weeks might have more than one post. However before we say goodbye to Halloween here is what I bought on the first (or at least the Halloween stuff!)
  You might recognize this mask as I had Kara wear it in Kittytrooper. She also is the only one to wear it since I purchased it as I haven't tried it on yet. Not a fan of Kylo Ren but I like having a collection now and who can beat 2.50?

 I also bought some stuff that most who follow my blog will yawn at but yep bought 2 more wigs and some witch cat earrings. I also purchased that Black cat votive holder (which I have electric votive candles in) and will have it displayed all year round!
 And thus another Halloween countdown closes but be here next year for even more spooktacular fun and until them enjoy my other posts coming soon!


  1. I bought a rubber bluejay head mask on clearance at walmart ,I like to walk around with it on in the woods lol


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