31 Days of Halloween - Cassie Finally Finishes "Hanna-Barbera Halloween"



I felt like this could have been almost anyone moving in next door to the Flintstones and the same show could have been produced. The reality is that this is a show about what happens when you judge a book based on its cover, for the most part. Fred sees weird people in the Frankenstones and instantly decides they are freaks and not to be liked. It is only when they do something nice for him that he recognizes them for the nice neighbors that they actually are.

 The Frankenstones:

I wish that the characters of "The Frankenstones" had been given the chance to be more fully fleshed out characters. They appeared to me to just be generic versions of other Flintstone characters or at least a similar dynamic. They do not get to stand out in any substantial way, in my opinion, during this special either. I wish they had gotten more of a chance to shine, but the reality is that this is a Flintstones special and not a Frankenstone one. Wouldn't that be awesome if we could get a Halloween special that was just them at some point? Wishful thinking that will never probably come to light. It is fun to dream though. 

The storyline is very generic. As stated it feels that you could have made anyone deemed a little "weird" next door and the story would have still went off without a hitch. The Rubbles could still have gotten mad at Fred for being mean to the Frankenstones and you could have still had any "weird" family do something nice for their neighbors. There was nothing that made it necessary that it be these particular characters, which disheartens me. While this was a child's cartoon series, it feels like a cheap way to do things to avoid having to make a layered story. This, however, is just me being critical.

I can see the value for those people that love the Flintstones and want more of them in something. This provided an opportunity to see them during a time period that their popularity was somewhat returning, but was in a weird flux place. People were wanting the characters to grow up with them, but the reality is that they also wanted them to remain the same. This tried to at least introduce a new family to the line-up, but from what I know it didn't seem to go any further than this special. Alexis, however, may know if more than the two specials were done with this family appearing in them. I hope so, but for some reason I am doubting it. 

While I can see the enjoyment for others, I simply did not enjoy this as much as I wished I would. This concludes FINALLY my Hanna-Barbera Halloween. :) Until NEXT TIME! - Cassie

 Alexis' walk through of her collection goes live at 11:59PM!


  1. I like the Frankenstone house. Very cool.

  2. You ask and you shall recieve: lol
    The Frankenstones were seen again in fact this wasn't even their first appearance if I remember correctly lol
    I believe the they first appeared in the fred and barney show and were completely diff and ran a condo that fred and barney thought about buying and then again in Flintstone Frolics in their own 10 min shorts with Fred though Betty and Barney never were in those (but were in the other shorts in the Frolics series!) The frolics version was my favorite one!

    1. Actually in frolics the children were a but different as the design changed a bit as did the boys age as he was a teen as was Pebbles!


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