31 Days of Halloween: Stuck in a Merry Scaremas! (Spoilers)

  I was watching this past Friday's "Stuck in the Middle" and decided to review it today as part of my countdown as this way you can still see if it you would like as Disney will re-air it all month long and it might be on Disney Channel's website or ap! The review originally planned for today (Eureka's Castle) will be posted on a later date.
  Due to not wanting to spoil to much, I will just focus on the main arc.
  We are introduced to yet another Diaz family tradition. In this one they draw a name and have to scare that person. Harley finally draws her older sister Rachael and goes to work to scare her!
  First a little bit of background:
 Harley is the middle child of 7! kids. She also happens to be an inventor so noone can out do her on Halloween.
  Through an elaborate plan the family finally scares Harley by making her think she broke Rachael's leg and then after getting left by her littlest sister Daphne while trick or treating she gets locked out of the house.
  Then her family in scarecrow costumes scares her and Rachael tops it off by pretending her head fell off.
  Although it was so predictable by the end of the episode on what was going on, I thought it was a pretty good episode and I laughed.
  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Disney Channel programs and Halloween specials.
 Oh one plot I skipped was that every year the Diaz's Halloween display is ruined by "vandals." The true culprit was very funny.
 So that is my review of the Stuck in the Middle Halloween special!
 Even more spooktacular fun every day all month long!


  1. My daughter likes this show.I find them to be pretty entertaining myself.

    1. Yeah as much as I hate to admit it, Disney Channel and some Nick shows actually ARE good lol!


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