31 Days of Halloween: Skeletor UPDATE!

It is October 1, so guess what that means?
 To start things off, I thought I would do a Skeletor update! I say update because I showed off my small Skeletor collection during 31 Days of Halloween last year! Since then I have gotten a mini comic with him on it and a couple more things. It is amazing by the amount of stuff coming out these days of MOTU.
 First up is the adorable Skeletor from Funko's Dorbz line. I wanted to get more but could never find them but am happy with the lord of cuteness here.. HE was my first ever Dorbz but not long after getting him, I found Thor at five below.

 Next up is the most recently released Skeletor, the Megabloks/MegaConstrux version! He is part of the new MegaConstrux Heroes line from Mattel.
There were 6 released in series one: Alien Marine, Borg, Picard, He-Man, Xenomorph, and Skeletor here. I only got 3 of them and doubt that I'll ever pick up the other 3.I will be reviewing the Xenomorph later this month.
Skeletor came with his 3 piece stand and a havok staff that you have to build (its just 3 parts as well.) The articulation is the same as all Megabloks figures and the arms move (as do the legs and head), and elbows bend (as do the knees). He also comes apart and can be mixed and matched with other figures (anyone want me to do that someday?)
Although not a toy I thought I should add this in as well. Its the mini comic that Evil Lynn (and others) came with back in the vintage line. I got this thanks to Cassie back in April!

Also this year, I am a Cryptkeeper! Clic the link to see who else is having a spooky countdown to Halloween this year!


  1. Always found Skeletor very scary. I was kind of rooting for him sometimes.

    1. lol, even by 80s standards he was creepy and I find it funny that Hordak won from time to time in She-Ra BUT Skeletor never won at all!


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