31 Days of Halloween: New Arrivals - Halloween Edition!

 Welcome back to New Arrivals! Due to the lack of me doing this feature some of this stuff I have had for months!
We will start off the new arrivals with the non toys and the actual new arrivals as I got these on the first! First up is the third My Teacher is an alien book (which is fitting as its my third one as well) now I just need the second book (Fried my brains) to finish this series off. This (and Bunnicula) wwas my all time favorite book series as a kid and cannot wit to finish it off!
 These Halloween decorations I got at Wal-Mart for 98 cents. The bats were my favorite but needed a new door cover as KAra likes to tear those up so I rarely can reuse them! :(
 I have no clue where Mike here comes from (company etc, I do know he's from the Monsters Inc movies) I got him at Goodwill and I love him. I hate admitting this but I have never seen the movies (shocking as I love John Goodman) but this little guy is pretty cool!
 This unknown monster ball is my fav of the toys in this post. I don't think he's a Madball, he's heavy and a touch material, a very hard plastic. If he were thrown at you he'd do damage, might even break a window! Overall though pretty cool!
 Bartok! This mini figure is pretty cool and is from one of my all time favorite animated films Anastasia! He also had a movie of his own called Bartok the Magnificent which for some reason I not only have not seen, had not even heard of until now!
 Spongebob here is me cheating lol! He is not a Halloween figure per se but as he is dressed as a pirate I feel he is in costume!  I don't have much to say as I am not a huge fan of Spongebob but I really liked this figure (and a baseball playing one I got as well!
 Last up is the Insecticon Kickback! I got him because he was not only in the animated movie but I already have Bombshell and Chopshop! Not only that but Skrapnel (a rerelease of an older release) is coming and then i'll have all 3 of the original purple Insecticons(Bombshell, Kickback, and Skrapnel)!

 Everything on this list was either bought at Goodwill or Wal-Mart! That is it for today, but even more spooktacular fun tomorrow. Oh tomorrow's post might be put up later than usual as I may not get it done by midnight!


  1. That monster ball is cool! Iv been watching for Kickback but Iv yet to see him.

    1. I saw him briefly earlier in the year but he has just started becoming more common to find.

  2. I'd like to hunt down the vintage insecticons at some point.I had Skrapnel and Bombshell as a kid.

    1. I would as well, As a kid though I only had one of the deluxe Insecticons and not the 3 we think of when we think of the Insecticons! HE was one of only a few I had (Soundwave with Buzzsaw, Rippersnapper, and Fizzle were the others)!


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