31 Days of Halloween: Ned Flanders as Werewolf!

 Welcome to the first of two posts about Simpsons figures from Burger King. This is a part of my Fast Food Premiums series as well. I Recently came across a few still bagged Simpsons figures from one of the many series of Treehouse of Horror figures put out by Burger King. I only bought 2 because I already had Marge but regret not getting her now as it was only 99 cents and I don't have her base!
There were 10 in this articular series including the figure we will be looking at today.
This particular figure is based on Ned Flanders from Treehouse of Horrors X and even more specifically the short entitled "I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did"
 This is a very good representation of the character from that short!
 The mold is pretty good and the paint is decent.
He has no articulation however but that is fine for a figurine.
This series did have a gimmick however!
Their stands had a scene that could be changed by a button.
By pushing the button or lufting the lever you saw the punchline to the joke.
 Even though these kids meal toys had no articulation to speak of, these re my all time favorite figures of them. I loved the early BK figures. Mr. Burns below is from a later series when they got bigger and I like him but feel he is out of scale.
 That's it for today but be here tomorrow for the review of Homer from this series!


  1. I have the window cling from Burger king with Homer as king Kong from when these came out. Seems like such a long time ago

    1. Its been a long time lol, 5 years can you believe that? They came out in 2002! Wow on the cling!

  2. Fun pieces. A Simpsons collector must have so much to look for since the show has been on so long!

    1. Oh they do. Lots of BK waves, BK dolls, figurines from misc companies, and action figures from 4 companies: McFarlane, Neca, Mattel, and of course Playmates! Not to mention all of the non toy merchandise over the years!


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