31 Days of Halloween: Mega Construx Xenomorph!

 After last night's little break,  thought we should just get right back to business! Last month I got the He-Man and Skeletor MegaConstrux/ Megabloks figures and loved them so much that I got the other the figure that I Wanted from the MegaConstrux Heroes line: The Xenomorph from Aliens!
 He comes in a window box like most action figures. I wish these were blind bagged in a way. The blind bagged MegaConstrux figures are about a buck cheaper lol.
  When you turn it around, you see the other 5 figures in the series! Here you can see the 3 I probably won't get. I LOVE Star Trek The Next Generation, just not a fab of how they look. Something just seems off but have not been able to put my finger on it!
 Xenomorph is full of accessories.
 Like all Megabloks/ Construx figures, it can come completely apart and although I haven't tried it yet you can mix and match with other figures! Kind of reminds me of Glyos. What I think is so cool about this figure are those claws!
 All in all a pretty cool figure. Like all figures in this series, it can bend at the elbows and knees, his arms and legs go up and down and out, and his head swivels, BUT his tail also moves!@
 The detail is pretty sweet as well. Look at this sculpt and those spikes!
 All in all I have to say this is a great little mini figure of one of the most frightening creatures in Sci-Fi!
 For scale, I put it with all of my Megabloks (construx) Michelangelos and Skeletor!
 The Xenomorph came with  2 extra accessories which excited me!
 This face hugger has no articulation but looks pretty cool.
 The other accessory is yet another face hugger, but this one is done like a mask.
 the details on it are pretty cool but what is really cool is:
 Being able to fit it on other figures. He-Man was handy but as you can see it can't sit that well due to his hair.
"The 3 Musketeers!"

 Well, that is my review on the Xenomorph! These are at Wal-Mart on the Lego aisle. (I haven't seen them anywhere else yet). Even more spooktacular fun tomorrow!


  1. Any news about them releasing any other MOTU construx?I may break down and snag up He-man and Skeletor.I'm also digging the Mutagen sets with Rhino,Baxter,Raphael and Michelangelo.

    1. None yet, BUT they are selling well AND supposedly everyone loves them so looks good.


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