31 Days of Halloween: Lilith PVC Statue!

 Over the year and few months that I have been running this blog I have shown off my Goodwill finds and most of the time people are shocked by what I find. Every once in awhile I get shocked (like when I found Colorforms) and this is one of those times!

 Back in April or May, Cassie and I were at one of our Goodwill's and Cassie notice a package getting ready to be stocked by an employee. We waited until he put it on the shelf and grabbed it to look at it. What it was was this pvc statue of Lilith from Vampire Savior and Darkstalkers! I had no clue what Vampire Savior was, turns out it is Darkstalkers 3 here in the states and her first appearance in the series!

 Who Lilith is is actually quite confusing. Basically she seems to be a sort of clone of Morrigan created from stolen energy from the popular succubus! Some sources say that the original creator of her intended her to be a Hermaphrodite or some sort of "Male" Daughter ir something like that. In fact, the listing of her gender in her first game even said unknown as it hadn't been decided yet! I had no clue of any of this until I did research for this article!

 The figure or statue as I call it has no articulation whatsoever but is pretty cool looking in my opinion! It is pretty well detailed and is faithful to her first appearance as a flat chested character of unknown gender. The sculpt and paint are perfect! This is actually the variant and as such is painted to represent Morrigan rather then Lilith and I think that is a great touch as she is essentially her clone! So she is in green with green hair rather than with pink hair and in red! I should point out that Morrigan wears purple though lol.

 She goes for well it is all over the place actually! On Ebay and Amazon I have seen  it going from anywhere from $25 to $100! Considering that I got this for less than 2 bucks (and it came with the box!) I think I got a great deal!
 All in all a pretty great figure in my opinion!

That's it for today, be here tomorrow for another Hanna-Barbera Halloween review from Cassie!