31 Days of Halloween: Keloggs Cereal 2016 Ghostbusters Rulers

 Last year we got a new Ghostbusters movie and whether you liked it or hated it, we did get a lot of great merchandise. One of these items were the Ghostbusters rulers from Keloggs. This made me smile because it made me remember when we got cool things from cereals (this is rare now, you either have to send for it or get nothing most of the time but their are exceptions like DC Comics.)

 These had a linticular effect and were pretty cool. I was able to snag two of them.
  The first one I got was the ONE I did not want lol. However Ecto-1 here is pretty cool.  As you can see they can clip onto objects like a folder which can be handy for kids.
 Slimer was the last one I got and was the ONE I wanted the most!
 The other cool thing about these is that they included a code that you could use to download an episode of the Real Ghostbusters! 

 As I already stated these made me remember the days of when ou got toys and other cool items in your cereal! Now a days you get small stickers or nothing at all more often than cool things and toys? Those are almost non existent now :(

 All in all these were pretty cool and I am glad to have them in my collection! Even more spooktacular fun to come!


  1. Those are so cool. I looked all over for those and was never able to find any in the grocery stores/Wal-Marts around us! Lucky!


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