31 Days of Halloween: Imaginext Scorpina Figure! FINALLY!

 It took what 2 decades? BUT We finally have a Scorpina figure to fight our Power Rangers!
 Last week I took a look at the King Sphinx from the new Imaginext Power Rangers pack and today we will look at Scorpina!
 As you can see she is carded in the usual Imaginext packaging for 2-packs.
 When you turn it around, you can see a crosssell of most of the other offerings in the line!
 Like all of the Power Ranger figures in this line, she looks pretty fantastic.
 She has the typucal articulation: arms, legs (both at the same time), wrist, and head.
 She also comes with a television show accurate  weapon but it does suffer from this being a young kid toy line s it just looks like a grey piece of plastic in spots!
 Her articulation s limited in the head by her hair but this is typical in almost all toylines for women figures!
 Sadly she has the typical Imaginext face as she is depicted in human form. The monsters (and even Rangers) have unique head sculpts that make them look different than other Imaginext figures.
 The only reason this is a bummer is because as far as I know this is the ONLY Scorpina figure ever made (at least in the states!)
 This fact and the fact that she was packaged with one of my very first Power Rangers figures that I ever got back in the 90s, made it a must have (I still haven't decided if I Want the Squat/ Baboo or Finster/ Rita packs) and I bought it as SOON as I Saw it! I Recommend this for anyone who likes her character, Power Rangers, or collects the Imaginext lines (especially Power Rangers!)
"Together, not even the Rangers can defeat us- who am I kidding?"
 That is it for today, but even more spooktacular fun is to come!


  1. These Imaginext figures are starting to grow on me.

    1. Lol. I at first was like why do so many like these? Then I saw the Monsters in the blind bags and was hooked and with Power Rangers? They have me now lol.


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