31 Days of Halloween: Frog Collection Update!

 Last year, I showed off my FROG display! If I Remember correctly, this was the first display that I ever showed off, which is fitting as it is also my oldest display. In the year since then, it has gone through many changes. I thought since it is October, why not revisit it? A lot of stuff has been added since then! Sorry for the lighting, my living room lighting is bad!

At one time it looked like this:
 You can even see the skeleton frog that is not in it currently in that picture.
 Before we get to how it looks now, I wanted to point out 2 of the newest arrivals, this peace frog and....
 this guy, both from Goodwill!
 The display is now in my living room, the same spot that my Ghostbusters display was last year. Here you can see three of my frog plush. I really love that Michigan J. Frog! I loved his cartoon shorts and short time that he was WB's spokes frog.
 If you look closely you can see 3 prince frogs. The plush head has a plush frog and figurine on him.
 Here is a Valentines deco, and some other misc frog things that I have gotten over the years.
 These are a lot more of my plush frogs! You will notice a ball with a frog in it and a broken thermometer! The frog in the middle with cuddle on his shirt is from Ivy Tech, the college I went to.
  A lot more frogs! These include a G-I-D frog, a Moose toys frog, and Spittor from Beast Wars!
  Even more! The one on the far right is a lamp and was given to me by a neighbor for my birthday! Two of the frogs in the front were given to me by exes and the one with a hat and looks like he's in a marathon is from Brother Midnight!
 Here you can see closer both frogs that my neighbor gave me for my birthday!
 The bottle in the back is a Halloween decoration from Dollar Tree that I got years ago. The watch is Keroppi from Hello Kitty and the two plush are Ty beanie babies!

 That is the display as it looks today, I hope you enjoyed this update! Even more spooktacular fun is coming up tomorrow!


  1. I love your frog collection more than I like any of your others hehe

    1. Probably because its something that you know I Truly love, I mean you have seen me around real frogs! :)

  2. Frogs can also be familiar spirits.

    1. That is true. Cats get the press, but ANY animal can be a familiar!

  3. Very nice! We love frogs in this house too! My husband has a vintage all ceramic collection.


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