31 Days of Halloween: Dollar Tree Ursula Figurine!

 Every now and then I find interesting things at Dollar Tree like when I found some of the modern Colorforms sets last Christmas or comics. This item was almost skipped as I always see the figurines but really am just interested in the Disney characters like Mickey, etc in this scale. However I noticed this was Ursula! This was a big deal as long time readers will know The Little Mermaid is not only my favorite movie but I also have a shelf just for it and the character is important to this blog! In fact the very first post ever for this blog was Little Mermaid related! 
 The figurine is basic and for a Dollar Tree item, it looks pretty good and painted well. The back of the package just shows Disney properties and no actual figures in the line. I will say that they had a  lot of villains including Maleficent!
 The plastic allows for you to see her from three sides like most carded figures.
 I was ecstatic to get Ursula (and for a buck) as I did not have any Ursula's yet. I like Disney figurines because as a kid the majority of my Disney characters were figurines mostly bought at Disney World! To this day the figurines are my preferred way of getting Disney figures and  a few other properties like Smurfs!
 That's it for today but more spooktacular fun to come! New arrivals is next!