31 Days of Halloween - "Cassie Does Hanna-Barbera Halloween" - The Flintstones meet Rockula and Frankenstone

Cassie here. To help Alexis with her HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR here at ALEXIS' TREASURES. I am reviewing some Halloween specials. I have chosen to do some focus in on those Halloween specials that come from the company Hanna-Barbera. Every Saturday (Note from Alexis, due to  things out of my control I moved this one post to Friday to keep the countdown daily, the rest of this series will be on Saturdays starting next week!) during the month of October I will review one Halloween related Hanna-Barbera media item! To commence, I am starting with one of their most well known franchises: 

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone


The Flintstones and the Rubbles find themselves participating on a television show entitled "Let's Make A Deal or Not", which during they are all dressed up in costumes!

Fred gets irritated when the host, Monty, selects Barney to go on the show instead of him. This is, however, short-lived when Fred calls Barney a chicken for not taking what is behind the curtain. This results in Fred being called up to see if he will keep the thousand dollars offered or will take what is behind the curtain!!

Fred wants to keep the money, but Barney reminds him of calling him a chicken for not taking the curtain. As a result, Fred takes the curtain! The prize is a trip for two to go to Rocksylvania to Rockula's Castle, which has totally been turned into a hotel tourist trap. Monty has one more deal though, for Barney. If he will give back the money from earlier he can also go on the trip with Fred & Wilma. Barney and Betty accept, which starts the Halloween spookiness of this episode...

When the couple arrives at the hotel/castle they are told costumes have been left out for them and that they are able to attend the Monster Bash party that the hotel is having that night. Of course they are all excited and immediately start getting ready for the festivities. 

While the girls are finishing getting ready though the boys accidently trigger a fake floor tile that sends them down into a lab that once was inhabited by none other than ROCKULA! They see on a slab Frankenstone and part of them thinks it is all apart of the festivities, but they are not sticking around to find out if it is or not. They return to their room. We find out though that Frankenstone has arisen and wakes up Rockula as well. 

When Rockula sees everyone at the party he is confused why they are all in his castle and scares them away. Fred, of course, gets hungry and leaves Wilma in the room by herself. This is when Rockula sees Wilma and mistakes her for his bride. From here hilarity ensues with Rockula trying to make Wilma his one and only bride by getting rid of FRED FLINSTONE! To find out what happens you will just have to watch the rest of this special... Didn't think I was going to spoil the whole thing for you did you? ;-) 

My Feelings:

I don't recall watching a Flintstones episode since I was a young kid. I remember that it was probably either "Yabba-Dabba! I Do" or "The Flintstones Kids" that I last watched, so it was nice to go back to something that I remember from my youth. Did "The Flintstones" stand the test of time for me? Yes, I think it is because they are always expertly written and even with fantastical plots like meeting a vampire (come on you know Rockula is Dracula people) they have most of it make some type of sense. People mistake other people for someone all the time, like Rockula does. This made me go, "Oh yea, Flintstones where ya been all this time?" and made me decide I will probably watch the other Halloween-like episode entitled "The Flintstones' New Neighbors", which you will just have to wait and see why it is Halloween-like ;-) unless you already know then surprise YOU ALREADY KNOW good for you, keep it secret until it is posted ya fool! 

While the plot is similar to other stories where someone meets these different monsters I think because it is the Flintstones this is okay to me. I can accept the retread and gladly be like OKAY it still good! I enjoyed the hijinks of them running around the castle trying to figure out how they would get away from Rockula and Frankenstone. I enjoyed all the elements between Rockula and Wilma. Wilma trying to convince him that she was a married woman and that she loves Fred. Rockula saying he will basically kill Fred without saying it that bluntly because well it was still a children's program made in a certain time period. Now animated programming be all like "DEAD, I WILL KILL YOU, I WILL MURDER YOU, I WILL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT" but back then it was "I will make you a widow." We all know that Rockula meant "I WILL KILL THAT S.O.B., so I can have you all to myself." Now personally if I had been Wilma I probably would have been like "Bye Felicia" to Fred because I have a bit of a vampire fetish, but I ain't Wilma and I don't make her decisions, regardless of how wrong they are. I enjoyed this special and highly recommend watching it to all of you out there reading this going "Do I watch this?" Yes, why YES you should and do. It passes the test of time and it is enjoyable. You will laugh at the hijinks that the Flintstones and Rubbles get themselves into and you will be glad you spent some time in Rocksylvania as well. 


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