31 Days of Halloween - "Cassie Does Hanna-Barbera Halloween" - The Biskitts Episode 7 Part B "A Biskitt Halloween"


"A Biskitt Halloween"


This episode of "The Biskitts" focuses on an ancient tale that a hundred years ago a witch tried to outsmart the Biskitts, but ultimately it was them that outsmarted her. This caused her to disappear for a hundred years, but she would one day return. She returns in this episode and casts a spell that decimates the swamp. At the same time it turns the regular villains (King Max, Shecky, and Scratch) to stone. When two of the Biskitts are taken by the witch as part of her evil plan to return permanently the other Biskitts must come to their aide. 

My Feelings: 

So, This was a thing that I watched. The issue for me with this is that I have seen similar premises where there is some tiny creature that is frequently having to defend something or themselves from some bigger, more evil creature (in this an evil king). I immediately thought of "The Smurfs" as I watched this particular episode, which was done much better than this. Maybe it is that I personally have fond memories of "The Smurfs" and I do not have them for "The Biskitts", which means that I directly go "meh" when I see the same premise being utilized. 

This being said, I watched both the first part entitled "Moving Day" and this part when I actually sat down to watch it. While I am not reviewing that part of this episode I do have to say it was a weird juxtaposition to this episode. The reason is that a different villain was utilized and the primary ones were stone throughout much of the episode. This different villain (a witch) felt almost like she was a better overall villain with less cliches than the series one. It felt like she had legitimate reasons to want to get rid of the little mongrels known as THE BISKITTS. The main villain in the series simply wants the treasures the Biskitts protect for himself. It just is a bit weak. The witch, on the other hand, wants to stay alive permanently. Hmm, pretty noble reason to want to get rid of a few little dogs. Did she want their treasure? Not really, she wanted their deaths. While that is a bit dark for a children's program it was a flipping real reason. They obviously would not be able to keep her around for long because of this, it felt better than that first part I watched. It was like, "Please figure out a way to make this the villain", but alas by the end of the episode the witch disappears again and we are left with the original series villains. I was sad by this, obviously.

As a quick "Halloween" episode it is enjoyable and as a standalone episode of the series it was significantly better than other episodes that I have watched. If you are wanting to watch a singular episode of this series this is the one to see. It has a great plot for a kids show, but if you are wanting to get into old vintage cartoons I would say this should not be your first foray into the genre. It may make you want to go watch some "Adventure Time." 


  1. I very vaguely remember the Biskitts. I thought they were a poor man's Smurfs, who were a poor man's the original Smurfs.


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