31 Days of Halloween - "Cassie Does Hanna-Barbera Halloween" - The Last Halloween" TV Special

"The Last Halloween"

Could this really be the last Halloween for this small town?


Michael and Jeanie overhear that the family business, a candy factory, may be shut down because the river's water has dried up. Michael and Jeanie decide that they will try to make this the best Halloween of their life since it probably will be their last. They bump into the car of Mrs. Gizbourne (played by Rhea Perlman). This is when we recognize and understand that she is the villain in this little special. It was pretty obvious, especially with that hair. She had black and white hair. It harkened to the "Bride of Frankenstein" for goodness sake.

Rhea Perlman as Mrs. Gizbourne

After this they bump into a group of what they think are trick or treaters, but turns out they are something altogether different. They are ALIENS FROM MARS! These aliens are looking for "coobi", which turns out to be Candy. The rest of this special kicks off from that. Want to see it? Go to Youtube it is there!
My Feelings: 

This was a fun, screwball, and short Halloween special. While the story is kinda all over the place and everything seems to be a little serendipity. It is still a fun little romp for the 22 minutes you would spend in your life to watch this as well. The aliens are cute and quirky. They also may be recognizable as they were utilized as part of a candy campaign after this movie was made (I believe it was for Mars bars or something they produced). 

Do they look familiar to you? They were part of a candy campaign!

See, this is from their commericial! Remember them at all? 

As someone that had actually seen them from the commercials before ever seeing them in this special it was a nice little bit of nostalgia for me in a different way than it could have been. Seeing them in this special made me remember that marketing campaign and that I liked them from those commercials. It is great to have a bit of a nice little feeling of remembrance of yesterday past that is happy. This definitely clicked into that feeling of happiness that one could have around Halloween. Remembering trick or treating days gone by and this incorporates so many elements of Halloween that are actually based more in reality than you would think based on the alien premise. So much of it is about friendship, helping each other, and Halloween elements (i.e. needing candy, evil villains, and fun).

I can state that when I went into this I did not want to enjoy it. I thought I was too mature for this kiddy stuff, but I realized that sometimes it is fun to just watch something that is mindless. That has no real point other than being entertainment. This definitely has that. It is just a bunch of fun. I would recommend it to watch at least once during the Halloween season and since it is that time maybe you should go click that Youtube link above. ;-)


  1. I really need to check this movie out it is on my Youtube watch later list.


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