31 Days of Halloween: Ads!

 Welcome to the first of 3 Halloween(ish) posts featuring ads that I found mostly in comic books!
 This ad from a NOW comics Ghostbusters comic advertises their Beetlejuice comic based on the cartoon! While I never read the comic, I did see the cartoon and it was ok, but the movie was better. Now Comics was a great comic company and did comics based on the Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Robocop, and even Married with Children!
 Another comic I have not read, but this one I would like to! ManBat is my all time favorite Batman villain and has been ever since I first saw him on Batman TAS! Also I am a huge fan of the Elseworlds comics. They were exactly like Marvel's What Ifs but were normally Graphic Novels and eventually were made into comic mini series and even summer event in the annuals one year!
 Boston Brand was an acrobat and when he died he became Deadman. I am not a huge fan of his and always thought he was meh even in his media appearances.
 Skeleton Warriors was a very short lived cartoon series. It was ahead of its time (lika alot of 90s cartoons) and therefore never made it! Playmates made a toy series based on it and theuir were even video games!
 Monogram was a model company in the 80s. They made everything even Masters of the Universe vehicles! Well it seems they also made models of the Universal Monsters! As a huge fan of Universal Monsters I just had to include this ad in this post!

Thats it for today but even more to come!


  1. That Man Bat series is pretty good .it's by Jamie Delano and John Bolton both from the "British invasion" vertigo early 1990's era that Im a huge fan of.

  2. and as I sat here thinking about it I believe I have a duplicate set of the 3 issues of Man bat .I know I got a couple issues from those Dollar tree random comic bags a few years ago.Ill see what I can come up with and toss them in your box.

    1. Oh cool that would be great. YEah it sounds like a good mini!


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