31 Days of Halloween: Ads Featuring Candy!

 Welcome to the second Halloween(ish) ads post! This time we will deal with candy! Afterall what is more Halloweenish than candy? I have no clue!
 Here is the first of 2 M & M's ads from 1987. This one shows the crew in marching band. I was never in marching band but I was in band and played the Trombone (very badly)! As much as I hate admitting this that was my first class that I failed!
 M & M's have been a huge part of Halloween for decades! I Cannot tell you how many I got in my bag every single year! My dad's favorite flavor is peanut but min? It was a toss between dark and PB until recently now its the new Caramel flavor!
 The last of the 87 m&m ads has them playing Baseball. What is interesting with this ad is that supposedly they gave away Baseball cards in 6 packs. Tht means just about everything gave away BB Cards at some point!
 I am not a huge fan of 3 Musketeers but added both of these ads due to the comic style.
 I felt it was appropriate since these are from comics!
 Now we are at my all time favorite candy: Runts! Regular Runts are here to this day but there have been so many variants over the years. My favorite ever has to be the Valentine Hearts but chewy Runts were pretty good as well! How I miss them!
 Ok this one is pretty cute as it tells you ho to send for a pen! Baby Ruths are pretty good but never been a fan of Butterfinger! I hated (and still do) that aftertaste and how it made my teeth feel. Yuck!
 Denver the last dinosau--- wait a minute thats not Denver!! No its Rocky D the spokes dino for Brachs Rocks! I vaguely remember these and could not tell you how they were but they look pretty strange I mean candy that looks like rocks? Plus a dino spokesperson? Why because Dinosaurs are now fossils?
 Last up is Sugar Babies.  This one I included for Cassie! Why? Because 2 if her favorite heroes are a part of this ad: Scarlet Witch (Wanda) And Spider-Woman (Julia!)

 That ends this installment of Ads, the conclusion of my Halloween (ish) ads series will be up tomorrow!


  1. Missing my favorite one , the reese's pieces with the blue alien guy.

    1. True also missing the true M&M characters but alas I can only post what I got!


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