31 Days of Halloween: 1-900: A Parent's Nightmare!

 Welcome to another entry in my 31 Days of Halloween! I have been meaning to do this post for some time now and since I found on YouTunbe mostly Halloween ads and in comics I found a Ghost Rider one, I thought what the heck? Let's do it now. For the longest time I have told people about 1-900 #'s targeting kids but believe it or not they never believed me well, now I have proof! LOL!
  These were insidious!  Sure to protect themselves they always said get a parent's permission but what kid would do that? Especially if they could help save Mary Jane, win something, or talk to He-Man or She-Ra?
  I never called but it wasn't cause I was perfect lol. I'm pretty sure my sister did it before I ever got the chance and so my parent's blocked all 1-900 numbers. I remember how bad this got and how kids (and adults) would talk for hours not realizing how much they were actually racking up. It was pretty bad.
 These ads from the 80s and 90s that I found on YouTube showcase a lot of different genres (oh they also did "naughty" 1-900's which are well known):
Even He-Man got greedy during this craze! (Note the voices, especially Orko!)
So there is my little artice about the old 1-900 #'s! Be here tomorrow for more spoktacular articles!


  1. This was a thriving business in the 80s and early 90s. I don't remember ever calling any of them, either. Too much of a goody-good here.

    1. I am to and even if they weren't blocked I would have called them myself.

  2. My English was too poor at the time. And I always read those comic books a few years late, second handed.


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