Today we take a look at some advertisements that I have found for Star Wars games of the past! I should point out that this is a new series as I have found a lot more that weren't SW related.
 Sadly I have never played any of these games and can't say my feelings about them but thought I would share them anyway!
 First up is this game from the clone wars era.
  The images look great and sounds like you could play Anakin, Mace, Obi-Wan, or a clone!
  Another Clone Wars era (or in this case set before but released after attack of the clones) Bounty Hunter also looked like it was fun!
  In it, you go through 18 levels taking out the galaxy's most wanted as Jango Fett!
  I saved the best for last an old Star Wars game from Parker Brothers! Like all games from this era, it is pretty minimal (The NES helped change that). If you look closely at the image, you can tell that this was no more than a altered pinball game lol!


Yes I know it is non Star Wars but I ran out of SW ads.
  This game I can't remember if I played BUT I did play the original! I will say that it looks very familiar! This is the era when the graphics began to get better than the old NES ones and you can tell by this ad!
 That it is it for today, but their are still 2 more days to go including me writing another wrong (Last year it was finally reviewing Star Wars Black Prototype Boba Fett and this year it is posting an image I left out of Wednesday's post! Plus a non SW bonus item like this post!)