I like the title but not sure if I'll keep it. Anyway, this continues the Video game ad feature from last week but instead of just video games, it features a little bit of everything!
 I never got to play this MOTU game and although it is a simple pre-Nintendo era game, I hope to one day. Never knew Mattel had a electronics division back then. I have also discovered they even had their own gaming system!
 Oh Yeaah! I chose this one less for the game and more for who it is! I know nothing about this pre Nintendo game other than its got simple graphics and stars one of the greatest mascots of the time. Sure Kool-Aid man still exists today but he was so cool back then, not only did he get commercials, but also merchandise. When's the last time you saw a Kool-Aid man comic? I'd say 80s or 90s!
 Ah the licensed cereals. Sure they are making a comeback but in the 80s and 90s they were the thing! Gremlin cereal, G.I. Joe, and of course TMNT were just a few! I  loved (and still do) licensed cereals for some reason.

 So who can spot the error in this commercial?
 I have mentioned my love for M.A.S.K. over the years and how I only ever had 3 as a kid (2 of which are in this ad: the Thunderhawk and the Condor, the other was a mission pack Miles Mayhem) These days I have 3 characters and half of a vehicle but love them so much and keep hoping thet Hasbro will bring them back one day. On a side note, there was a M.A.S.K. series part of IDW's Hasbroverse but it was cancelled (well they called it a season finale so might come back as most of the titles were given season finales) but is going to be combined with Joe in GIJOE: UNMASKED later this year!
 I only ever did some Trek models back in the 90s but oh how I wish I had these! Attack Trak looks so awesome as does the Talon Fighter! I actually have a few ads from Monogram coming up in later posts! MOTU was and still is one of my favorite properties of all time and felt it was fitting to have it start and end this post!

 Well, that does it for today. Even more stuff coming soon, including the return of vintage childhood, new arrivals, and 31 days of Halloween!


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    1. lol, not really. I scanned these a while back and planned to do them slowly but after getting sick and also trying to get ready for 31 days, I just decided these were easy quick articles to keep content going as I get better, do 31 days prep, and other things.

  2. I actually own the Masters of the Universe and Kool-Aid Man games for the Atari 2600! Gotta dig that thing out one of these days


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