The funny thing about taking a hiatus, you start getting backed up with stuff and in the backlog were some Star Wars product that I have gotten in the last few months! Due to this, there will be most likely 2 New arrivals this week, today and either Saturday or Sunday (Force Friday Pick-Ups).
  Let us start off with two Vaders (sort of). Of course this is the M&M peanut spokeperson Yellow. I call him Darth Peanut. I believe this was probably released many years ago when m&m's first released their dark chocolate variety and had this huge Star Wars promotion! They even made action figures I believe!
  This Vader (which actually splits open) is a fast food premium!
  Although this Stormtrooper looks like a Deathtrooper, he is not. In fact he is not even Imperial! This is the First Order Stormtrooper painted black and came with a speeder bike. He is from the Force Awakens line 2 years ago!  I got him because he looks like a deathtrooper, has a speeder bike (my all time favorite SW vehicle, I even own the 6 inch Scout trooper just because he came with you guessed it a speeder bike) and it was on clearance at Target!
  Rey here was also on clearance and got her. Funny thing is because I got her and many other "Sequel Trilogy" characters on clearance, I plan to continue the line and brought my love for the 3 3/4 line back again! Also because this was a later figure I got her lightsaber included!
  Hassk Thug here I got cause not only was he on clearance but he reminds me of a wolfman!!
  Captain Andor here is from Rogue One and like everything else but the last item on this list (and the first two which I got at Goodwill in a 2.99 bag) was on clearance. I got him cause even though this was what he wore on that desert planet, it reminds me of the Hoth outfits and that was my favorite planet in all of the SW universe and he and Jyn will eventually be put in a Hoth display I plan to make someday (I got Jyn last year).
  First Order snowtrooper ad Poe Dameron were in a two-pack and unlike th other items on clearance I got these at Wal-Mart! Also Ironically with the exception of this pack and the first two items on this list, I got everything at Target! I got this for a few reasons. It was on clearance, Poe is a main character (now I just need Finn to have the main 3 new humans) and the snowtrooper will go in my future Hoth display!
 Speaking of Hoth, here is one that will NOT be in that display but I had to have. As I mentioned yesterday, I got the "Forces of Destiny" Leia with R2 set. You can tell that she is an action figure if you look closely as the only cloth is her jacket and you can tell she has a action feature if you look at her leg closely! I just wish the upcoming Luke was Hoth, though he will be from Empire Strikes Back if I remember correctly!

 Well that is it for today's article but be here tomorrow for even more Star Wars Week! In fact like last year I will continue the tradition of showing my Star Wars display on Wednesday!


  1. I had seen those forces of destiny figures and I think that is a great idea.

  2. If you're interested, the Retro Revival Blog Challenge is alive again. Check it out here

    1. I will probably sit out this week due to my Star Wars week but I look forward to doing them :)


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